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The saddle Brook community and most of the school staff believes that Superintendent Katz is warming out his welcome by being arrogant and condescending


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Response Vs. Explanation 

An Apropos picture - "Johnny On The Spot"This scenario is exactly the reason I scratch my head in wonderment of the way in which this Township administration handles public information, especially when it comes to public explanations. 

First and foremost Kudos should be extended to the Township for quickly and decisively disseminating information regarding the recent ‘Boil Water Advisory, water is Contaminated with E.coli’ that occurred on Thursday, July 24th.  It appears they used all means at their disposal e.g. Twitter, Facebook, NIXLE, S.B.P.D. email, and reverse 911, to disseminate this alert as soon as possible. This should be acknowledged. 

But what I find disturbing and therefore must also be acknowledged, is that when approximately 24 hours later this ‘advisory’ was cancelled, the only information you were alerted to was: “The TOWNSHIP OF SADDLE BROOK WATER WARNING AND WATER BOIL ADVISORY ISSUED THURSDAY, JULY 24, 2014 HAS BEEN CANCELLED EFFECTIVE 2;22 PM FRIDAY, JULY 25, 2014.” There was no explanation anywhere to be found. Not via Twitter, Facebook, NIXLE, S.B.P.D. email, or reverse 911. The only information posted on the townships official website says: “The Boil Water Advisory is Officially Lifted”. The township was Johnny-on-the-spot when it came to getting the word out but characteristically short on explanations. 

Contaminated water, especially with E.coli, is nothing to treat lightly. It should be treated with a heavy dose of chemicals (bad joke). I would think most residents would want or need to know exactly what allowed this to happen. Having no explanation has already probably caused needless and most likely dubious speculation from the public. 

A Record article published on July 25th BY MATTHEW MCGRATH, STAFF WRITER, stated “Police said the exact cause of the contamination was not known, but possible causes are broken pipes or heavy rains that increase runoff into reservoirs.” If there is something wrong with the pipes wouldn’t everyone like to know exactly what is being done to see to it that tomorrow morning when you are brushing your teeth you are not putting more into your mouth then you realize? Then some heard a rumor that the townships water testing vendor, Sani-Pure, located at 178-182 Saddle River Road, ‘may’ have botched the testing of water samples and received a false positive. Next we come to find a post on an unreliable website forum,, by Councilman Andrew Cimiluca, screen name amc91, explaining that the townships water is routinely tested at a number of locations and a small number of locations showed positive for E.coli. Therefore to play it safe the township issued their warning and ordered a retesting. (Note: This post has since been removed from How many people visit, not many? If this information was deemed useful to the public then why wasn’t it posted on their official website? And what about United Water, the company that supplies your faucets? Have they published an explanation? Was it their fault, the towns fault, Sani-Pure? Maybe the guy testing and transporting your water samples couldn’t find any toilet paper at a potty stop while en route to his frequent testing stops. As gross as that mental image may be, my point is we don’t know what the hell happened here and deserve a lot more then JUST fast ‘warnings’. 

I hate to use this word again, I really do, but transparency is the Hallmark (no pun intended) of trustworthiness. This administration is obligated to explain in great detail if necessary exactly what happened here, that they have a firm understanding, and that they are doing everything possible to see to it that this will not happen again. Plus, they have a equal obligation to make sure their public is keenly aware of all the details and comfortable with the future. This is a minimum of what should be expected, not an overbearing or unreasonable request. 

When the Record reporter attempted to get an official explanation from the mayor herself he wrote: “Municipal offices were closed Friday because of a summer schedule, and Mayor Karen Chamberlain did not return a call for comment.” 

Happy brushing!!


Meet Your Candidates - 2014?

I have now made it official for SBCreativeTV. As I post this, registered letters are being mailed to all six candidates asking them to participate in a TV show entitled “Meet Your Candidates 2014” to be aired on channel 38, 77 and Cablevisions Community Affairs channel in late September. 

Having produced this type of show in the past as Director for SB-TV, and then called SBC-TV, Saddle Brook COMMUNITY Television, I felt it important enough to once again attempt to make this type of show available to residents. To me anyway, being able to see and hear your mayoral and council candidates state their goals, ideals, and personally explain why they feel they are your best choice for the job, is an invaluable tool to help you make an informed decision. 

To be honest I have no idea what to expect as far as cooperation with participation from any of the candidates. Depending who hates whom and how strong that hatred is, some may choose to not even acknowledge my invitation. That’s happened in the past. I find it so disheartening to witness elected officials and hopefuls snub their noses at their constituents for the sake of their trivial and juvenile feelings regarding their opponents. I just hope that in 2014, we have a group of six individuals who can put their differences aside and think of the greater good.  

Since Councilman Anthony Halko is running for re-election and also in-charge of SB-TV, it would obviously be a conflict of interest for him to produce this show. And since it would then be a mistake to not have any opportunity to listen to your candidates other then a possible debate chaired by the league of Women Votes, I think it is in the best interest of Saddle Brook to at least offer the opportunity. And further, since I will have no editorial rights to the content of any candidate’s comments and only videotape whatever is said, other then this administrations dislike for this blog; I see no justification for not participating. They all know from experience that I would treat everyone equally, be fair to all, and would really have no opportunity to be otherwise. 

This is an important election for Saddle Brook. There are many tools in place for residents to garner as much information as possible about their candidates. This show is just one of many. I sincerely hope they decide to do what is right and best for their community since they inadvertently profess this simply by running for elected office. 

I will know that answer by August 4th. So will you!!


Read Their Lips – No New Taxes

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? I mean who wouldn’t want to be told their taxes weren’t going up or merely marginally if at all. I would venture to say 99 out of 100 people would think this could only be a good thing. However, to be brutally honest, 99 out of 100 of those same people don’t think much beyond themselves when they hear this. All most really care about is the fact THEY aren’t going to have to shell out more of their money from their own wallet. That attitude is natural of course, but it is also nearsighted. 

Worrying only about your family and your pocketbook may me natural, but it also relieves you of any right to be unhappy with or complain about things like township services, education, safety, or just about anything you feel you have a right too. After all, you are a law-abiding citizen who pays their taxes, and you expect your government to take care of you and your children. What no one thinks about or likes to think about is who exactly empowers your government with the capacity to actually do what you expect, you demand, of them? It's not Kim-Bridge, Conte Construction, Halko’s computer company, Mazzer’s childcare services, or Cimiluca’s law firm that gives money to the township to keep it running; its your tax dollars hard at work. You elected these people to make sure they know more about how to manage your community and worry how to keep it all afloat with the responsibility and maturity you are intrusting in them. 

Are you asking them to make you feel good and hear only things that make you happy; I don’t think so? Do you expect a little tough love when that need arises? I don’t think you’d like it, but I do think you’d respect that. You entrust in them much the same as a child with his parents. They are supposed to know better and act in your best interest regardless whether their decisions make you happy or not. 

With caps on municipal budgets of 2% and not raising taxes, is another way of saying the township has lost a 2% increase that can never be recovered, ever. In the coming year or years, inflation will only become higher. The cost of everything, absolutely everything, will become more expensive. I mean, When is the last time you heard of any commodity going down in price. A meager tax increase now is nice and feels good, but it has to eventually come back and bite you in the a$$. Really, no different than a Bond. Yes, bonding comes with a cheap interest rate; it's the cheapest money money can buy. However, when it comes due, its due, no matter where the township is financially. And this mayor and most of this council will be long gone (God willing) leaving their troubles to others. 

Yes excessively low or no new taxes sounds wonderful, especially within an election year. And this year you are left to trust that your governing body has made a sound financial and not simply a ‘sounds wonderful’ political, decision. 

Ask anyone living on a fixed income just how easy it really is to live that way. You’ll be finding that out for yourself in 2014 –2015. 



Old news I know but still worth contemplating. The Community News published an article by KATHERINE MILSOP, STAFF WRITER, entitled: ‘Saddle Brook eliminates deputy chief’s position’. 

You should be mindful that this reporter quoted Council President Andrew Cimiluca which stated fact AND partisan opinion. She (the reporter) did nothing wrong. The ‘spin’ within this article comes straight from the Republican Council President’s mouth. 

In a 4-1 vote, the council adopted the ordinance that will amend the police department's table of organization and eliminate the deputy chief's position once it becomes vacant. And we all know D.C. Robert White has taken a half-year leave of absence to run for mayor in Saddle Brook. Should he win the election, the deputy police position becomes eliminated and his $172,992 salary is saved. Saved for what however is anyone’s guess right now.  Should he lose, the position stays in affect until he decides to retire. 

This article then says ‘Cimiluca said that he does not feel the change was politically motivated.’ "I think this is a bipartisan ordinance," he said, ‘noting that local Democratic committee members have in the past expressed their support for the elimination of the position.’ Though those local Democratic committee members have stated in the past that they were in favor of the positions elimination, they also questioned the council’s lack of inclusion of recommendations made by both the police chief and the Townships public safety director.  

You should further take note that there was one dissenting vote was from a Democrat Council member, Joe Camilleri. 

There is always more to the story then meets the paper. There is no mention that this council hemmed and hawed for months deciding this issue. They (council) went so far as to say that they believed it was illegal to change the departments T.O. during this time. Then, miraculously, after not listening to their top two law enforcement officials, they jump and pass this ordinance quicker then a soccer goalie head bumping the ball out of the goal!  

Is there more to this then meets the paper, of course there is. You almost always get the facts from newspaper articles but you rarely if ever get the reasons.


A Sobering Suggestion . . 

If you happen to run into a Police Officer today, thank him.