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Case In Point

When it comes to elections you should scrutinize everything you hear about a candidate. Here as well as any other place you can’t just believe everything you read. You actually have to seriously think about what was said and then try to marry that information with actual truth. But when you are not particularly privy to either side’s inside track, that deciphering of truth becomes a lot more difficult. Whether you listen to friend or foe neither one necessarily knows any more then you do. Hearing ‘through the grape vine’ just means that a possible falsehood is being perpetrated probably unwittingly by a group of people who just accepted the words of others. You really have to make up your own mind based on what you see and feel from a candidate and not just accept either their pundits or opponents versions of the truth. 

Whether you read the republicans ‘rag’ blog, this blog, or a candidates website, you really have to try your best to see through the rhetoric. There is usually some truth to almost everything said from both sides, but putting a spin on anything to favor oneself and make the other look bad is pretty easy. THAT is what you have to look for when believing a reported truth as truth. 

As a simple example, the republican candidates like to point to ‘associations’ as a reason to not trust the democratic candidates; birds of a feather flock together to put it another way. This could be very misleading if you knew no better and just accept it. But the tables can just as easily be turned by pointing out the following: 

Watch the first speaker at the Special Council Meeting on Turf Field. East Rutherford Councilman Joel Brizzi is a close political friend of Councilman ‘by-a-hair Cimiluca. He ran for Bergen County Freeholder when Cimiluca ran for County Surrogate office in 2011. They both lost, Brizzi to Joan Voss and Cimiluca to Dressler. They were both together on the campaign trail in fall of 2011; Cimiluca, the mayor, or any councilperson never mentioned this before he spoke. Bringing in his buddy to talk it up IS an ‘association’ that should at least be known to understand Brizzi’s credibility, to say nothing of Cimiluca’s. Unbiased opinion and facts are thrown out the door when you are aware of some added facts. 

Does this knowledge change your opinion? Is it even true? Well it is true and it is worth knowing. Whether it changes anything for you is up to you. It’s up to you to look further into anything said from either side before believing anything. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. 


14 Years In The Making,

countless discussions and requests, hemming, hollering,  and WTF’s all over the place, then finally the heavens move, the earth parts, and what has happened? The Saddle Brook Board of Education is now videotaping all caucus and regular meetings and making them publicly available on their website via YouTube. 

Holy shmoly this is really true!! Beginning next Monday, September 1st, their August meeting will be available with subsequent meetings coming in the future. Keep an eye on No longer painful like watching grass grow, they are now on new TURF! 


So So Video Now Available!

I’ll say it one more time only because it bares repeating, Councilman Anthony Halko sucks! The most uncooperative baby I have ever had the misfortune to have to deal with. He had the nerve to publicly admonish me for using a ‘baby face graphic’ within a January 2012 blog post depicting his once TV volunteer, Mr. Evan Vasilio who quit volunteering. I was in error because I should have used the baby face graphic for Halko himself. (For entertainment value only you may like to read that post HERE). 

Though a day late and a dollar short you will find the August 18, 2014 Special Council meeting video below. Because Halko would NOT ALLOW microphones to be used on the dais you WILL have some trouble hearing everything said by the mayor and council. You would think the council, and especially the mayor, would have seen to it this meeting was taped by SBTV then having the ability to air it on TV for EVERYONE to see. 

The video has some flaws which to be honest wasn’t worth my time to fix. Since this turf fiasco is pretty much a done deal I felt it only necessary to have it available as soon as I had the time to knock it out. I did the best I could with the audio, which is par for the course for SBTV but below my standards. No sense beating this up anymore, you get what you’re used too but with my apologies for their lack of consideration.

Note: Being 3hrs. long, YouTube was uploaded in Hi Def but will playback using YOUR available speed.

Use the 'Gear" to select highest available bandwidth. Watch on YouTube HERE


3 Clothespins 

Since the ARIZONA RAG won’t allow me to post a response to their tainted, maligning, slanderous, libelous, slur of a Blog (I even signed in with my real name. Guess that was my first mistake), I’ll have to make my comment here. I’m not sure why the White Campaign isn’t responding to these absurd accusations other then maybe they don’t want to get involved in a dirty campaign. God knows there is plenty of dirt to throw back in their faces, plenty! 

Though we all know that dirty mud-slinging politics is how most politicians play the game, something should be said for the integrity of the ones that refuse to play by those accepted rules. But I’m not running for political office and I don’t have any integrity anyway, so I therefore have a license to say WTF I please. 

Some have remarked to me that posting the likes of what these Saddle Brook Republicans have said, “Is only giving their words credibility”. But I don’t accept that premise. You can’t give $hit credibility, it’s just $hit, anyone with a nose can smell it. Not ‘passing the smell test’ is an understatement. But since according to them Bob White and myself should give up our pensions and stop milking the taxpayers, I’ll address some of their ludicrous statements here and run from the bill collectors later. 

Clothespin #1:

   Bob White is reportedly expected to receive a lump sum payment of more than $300,000 upon retirement as Saddle Brook’s Deputy Chief. ***Pause for laughter as we wonder why Saddle Brook even has a Deputy Chief 

1a) A made-up figure since he would only have a vague idea of how much his pension would be.

1b) It is White’s fault he was educated, passed tests, and rose to the PD’s #2 position and then self-appointed himself to Deputy Chief? 

Clothespin #2:

Is the timing of Bob White’s decision to run for mayor coincidental? The New Jersey state legislature has recently debated capping payouts for public sector retirees. Retiring before legislation is enacted would give Bob White the opportunity to cash in on the taxpayers once again. As mentioned in a previous post, the democratic ticket is already pulling in nearly half a million dollars in taxpayer funded salaries. Adding another $300,000 expense to the taxpayers is just a rounding error for these tax and spend liberal candidates. 

2a) Yeah, he ‘may’ lose out on some of his pension so his answer was: “Hey, think I’ll run for mayor!” Collecting his pension after 33 years of service IF he retired is cashing in on taxpayers? His salary of which his pension is based upon is his fault? You want to be mad at someone, yell at the people signing his checks! This last one is a doozy; the D ticket is pulling in almost a half million dollars in taxpayer funded salaries? Two on the ticket are police officers paid by tax dollars of the agencies they work for, only one of which is paid by Saddle Brook. Third on the ticket is the wife of a retired police officer his pension being paid by the City of Hackensack and not Saddle Brook. Last time I looked ALL police officers are paid with money generated by tax dollars. This rag ‘tries’ to make you believe these candidates are getting away with something they shouldn’t and Saddle Brook is footing the bill! Ordinarily I’d call this ‘political spin’ but this isn’t even believable enough to generate any momentum to spin anything. Other than a pathetic attempt at half-truths, this assumes you don’t have the brains to see the truth. 

Clothespin #3: 

How can Bob White campaign on transparency when he does not acknowledge the windfall he is set to receive on the backs of the Saddle Brook taxpayers? 

You can be mad at the amount of money police officers are paid nowadays. The private sector should have it so good. And honestly, that is a very good argument. However the adage ‘a police officer is not paid for what he does, he is paid for what he might have to do’, IS a valid one. Though in the law enforcement profession officers aren’t paid based on crime within their city limits. They are paid whatever their community sees fit to pay them. Their salaries are not under the control of these officers, individually or collectively. They do not have any moral or civic responsibility to report their salaries to the public. That responsibility rests solely upon the municipality that employs them. After 25, 30, or 35 years of service, they are implicitly entitled to any size windfall promised and administered by their employer. 



I will soon post the two-hour video of last night’s Special council meeting. I would have liked to already post this video however without belaboring the same old complaint, it HAS to be said that I received ABSOLUTELY NO COOPERATION for the Township, this administration or more specifically, Councilman (and TV Aficionado) Anthony Halko when setting up to record. 

This has become juvenile having to deal with these self-righteous, smug, self-satisfied, priggish people. Each and every time, without fail, they resort to their high-and-mighty and pompous way of fulfilling their personal vindictive needs with an ever-increasing aversion to legitimate, honest, fair, open, or a forthright intention to see the forest through the trees, in this case their constituents, and care about the bigger picture. 

The upshot here is that Mr. Halko would not allow the use of microphones for this meeting. He stated: “we don’t use microphones for special meetings”. Well number one that is a stupid answer and number 2, since they couldn’t see the need to have their own township camera there to inform their residents of this controversial issue, they should have realized that my taping it would still allow THEIR people, the people in favor of artificial turf, to hear their many and splendid arguments for it. But no, it was more important to make my life difficult then it was for you the viewer, to hear what the hell was said. 

I placed wireless microphones where I could and made my best attempt to capture the audio the best way possible. I’ll have to spend sometime now cleaning up the audio tracks the best I can and hope for the best. This ‘nothing special’ meeting video will be available soon. It is two hours in length but according to them nothing was said you’d need to hear anyway. 



Duplicated from white4mayor website

Don’t forget tonight’s Special Public Meeting at Townhall to discuss Veterans Field. As of 2:30pm today there is (as usual) no official agenda posted for this meeting. The only incite into tonight’s meeting is stated in this way (the usual CYA verbiage)

Please take notice that the Township Council will hold a Special Public Meeting on August 18, 2014 at 7:00 PM at the at the Municipal Building, 93 Market Street, Saddle Brook, NJ. 

The agenda for the meeting is Veteran’s Field and new 3 year agreement with Bergen County for Community Development.

Other items not specifically listed may also be acted upon. Portions of this meeting may be held in closed session.

Formal action may be taken at this meeting

Peter Lo Dico, RMC CMC
Township Clerk



From what I have heard from local people, average folks, not politicians, during the past few weeks, is seeming like a much better idea then anything any politician has suggested. When there is talk of Veterans Field, and there is much talk that’s for sure, some have said that they resent only six people, the mayor and council, deciding whether to go into hock to artificially turf the field. Of course it is true however that the majority of voting residents put those six people in-charge to decide exactly these types of issues for them. On its surface the mayor and council aren’t doing anything they shouldn’t be doing. But if they allowed themselves to look at this more democratically, when there are obviously such strong feelings on both side of this issue, allowing the people to decide its fate would be the fairer and less discriminating approach to satisfying both sides. A referendum COULD very well be the answer. 

I emphasize the word could because history has shown us that wanting, needing, and making an attempt to include another referendum two years ago can still be and was manipulated by the council in its own favor. I am talking here about 2 petitions filed and published in The Record Newspaper to include a public vote on Healthcare and Lifetime Healthcare Benefits for Mayor And Council on August 13, 2012. As you all are very much aware, that referendum never saw the light of day. Wanting a referendum and believing it to be the best way to decide, doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen if the mayor and council believe otherwise unfortunately. But that also doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a shot! 

This time it’s an election year. This administration has three seats hanging in the balance: Mayor and two council positions. They very well may be more likely to play ball when this time the ball is in YOUR court. 

Having the question of whether to spend in excess of two million dollars on an already insufficiently sized ball field included in a ballot is the most equitable way I can think of to decide. Majority rules, not special interests!