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Another Good Sign

Referencing "Sign Of The Times" below:



Sign Of The Times

Click image to enlargeIf you haven’t noticed, on lawns throughout town, campaign signs are now cropping up. The Democrats seem to have more of a variety of them, some small, one color, and not readily readable. Then there are the red, white and blue small signs, more attractive and more readable. Then you’ll find the large and HUGE obnoxious signs. (My guess these would be for the visually impaired

The republicans apparently have decided to stick with the tried and true signs of their past campaign. They have updated their picture so they all look 4 years older but have stayed with the non-customary red and white colors, neither patriotic nor town colors. Though not nearly as many, they too have elected to brighten the community landscape with Huge signs as well. 

Every election year these signs show their ‘ugly’ faces and always cause controversy. You’ll remember the war between two residents of Oxford  Schepis Avenue. In an effort to block his neighbor’s democratic signs, Jerry Taylor, one-time candidate and now a Recreation Director, placed multiple garbage cans on his lawn blocking the democrat’s signs. You’ll also find signs on properties that don’t have people or homes displaying them proudly. One situation I find particularly humorous is signs of both parties right next to each other on properties where no one is living (and can vote). Either both parties have adopted the attitude of “you show me yours and I’ll show you mine”, or the squirrels couldn’t muster the strength to block one or the other with garbage cans! 

Signs don’t vote, yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know that. They also don’t really tell you much of anything, do they? Maybe except to say. “Hey, don’t forget us”. I for one wish their sign actually had campaign promises printed on them. This way we’d know what they stand for and can then turn around after Election Day and hit them over the head with them when they didn’t do what they promised. Additionally, hundreds of residents would then have their ‘promises’ tucked away in the garage ready to be carried to a future Town Council meeting to wave from within the peanut gallery. 

“Yup, silly season alright!!” 



Hey Mr. Halko

It’s been TWENTY DAYS (20) since the September 4th council meeting. Since you have taken it upon yourself to be in-charge of SBTV would it be possible for you to actually do your self-appointed job and upload this meeting to YouTube? I realize you are probably out campaigning promising the world to everyone and anyone who will listen but responsibility is responsibility. 

You would think that to make your life easier since you have a Special Meeting coming up on the 25th, you’d want to get this done before you have to immediately upload another. Oh, wait a minute, that’s right, you only record one meeting a month regardless of how important subsequent meetings may be. Strike this last paragraph!


Please Take Notice

Sounds so damn official doesn’t it, “PLEASE TAKE NOTICE”? If their conduct was equally as ‘official’ we might be getting somewhere but alas, to no avail. And you better get your rear end off the couch and down to Townhall to hear what is going on because it sure won’t be on TV. Twelve days later and I’m still waiting for the September meeting to be uploaded to YouTube. And that’s not saying anything about the fact I’m still waiting for February, March, April (2), June (2), July (2), August, and September meeting minutes to be available on the township website. Neither of these are particularly earth shattering but do leave one with a feeling of slipshod, halfassed  ‘official’ conduct. 

Their OFFICIAL statement reads as follows: 

Please take notice that the Township Council will hold a Special Public Meeting on September 25, 2014 at 7:00 PM at the at the Municipal Building, 93 Market Street, Saddle Brook, NJ. 

The agenda for the meeting is the second reading of ordinance #1577-14 - An Ordinance amending Chapter 206 entitled “Zoning” section 9.42 entitled “AH-3 Affordable Housing Residential District” sub-paragraph F “Maximum Height”, Ordinance #1578-14 - An Ordinance amending the code of the Township of Saddle Brook to prohibit smoking on public property, and Ordinance #1579-14, a Bond Ordinance to authorize the undertaking of various improvements to Veterans Field in, by and for the Township of Saddle Brook, in the County of Bergen, State of New Jersey, to appropriate the sum of $2,100,000 to pay the cost thereof, to appropriate a county grant, ($402,015.) to make a down payment, to authorize the issuance of bonds to finance such appropriation and to provide for the issuance of bond anticipation notes in anticipation of the issuance of such bonds. 

Other items not specifically listed may also be acted upon. Portions of this meeting may be held in closed session. 

Formal action will be taken at this meeting. 

I guess the mayor will be back from Florida by then and in time to give out another award or two before Election Day.  

Speaking of Election Day, it seems kind of quite in the political world considering its only 42 days before the election. The democrats opened up a new campaign headquarters and the republicans shut down their hack blog. Other then that I don’t see much happening on either side. Yes signs are going up but as they say, signs don’t vote. Since the republicans refused to participate in my ‘Meet Your Candidate’ TV show I wonder if they will bother to participate in a League of Women Voters debate. Maybe the only information anyone will be privy to will be nice, colorful, pretty brochures. I for one would certainly like to hear what they all intend to do and how they propose to do it. 

So far its been pretty boring no? But it is after all only 42 days before the election. There is still time for the ship to hit the fan.


Word On The Street

After living in Saddle Brook for 22 years and working in Saddle Brook for over 30 years I know for a fact the average resident of town is not as gullible as some republican pundits would have you believe. When it comes to the ‘word on the street’, a considerable amount of people may mistakenly believe what they hear while the person is speaking to them doesn’t know their backside from their elbow. I tend to worry sometimes that people put their faith in what they have heard rather then what is actually true, without ever investigating further. 

Obviously it’s no secret I wholeheartedly support the democratic team in Saddle Brook. Coming from a stanch die-hard right wing conservative that sounds pretty unusual. But in local politics being a democrat or republican means little if anything when it comes to their Federal and State counterparts party plank or beliefs. Many of Saddle Brook’s politicians have changed parties just to insure re-election. To me, what the party stands for means nothing; what the candidate stands for means everything. 

This election is no different then any other I have witnessed locally. The closer it gets to Election Day the dirtier the word on the street becomes. These days the people behind the word on the street is not as clearly defined as it once was. With the advent of social media and anonymous blogs, it has become too easy to spin facts and malign candidates as well as the people that support them. I realize maligning candidates is nothing new, I guess I’m just naïve enough to want to believe the election process shouldn’t work this way. 

The word on the street, more than not, is usually far from the truth. Vial attempts at character assassination shows only a weakness in the speaker, a fear of the truth, and reluctance to acknowledge or draw attention to the shortcoming, imperfections, and Achilles heel, of their own chosen candidate. 

As an example, stooping to the lowest common denominator, republican pundits have spewed about town that you should think twice about voting for Robert White because he was once sued for sexual harassment. This is the type of vial and contemptuous misrepresentation of fact that legally could be considered slanderous. What this statement infers is obvious and decidedly worded to be interpreted in a disparaging way while the facts couldn’t be any farther from this statements intended meaning. White was included in a harassment suit along with the police chief and patrol Capt. brought by then Officer Kimberly Perrelli after then mayor, Lou D’Arminio, terminated Chamberlain’s daughter from the Saddle Brook Police Department after determining that she was unfit for duty. Kimberly Chamberlain Perrelli named them in a lawsuit appearing disgruntled that she was being disciplined. I personally know for a FACT that one issue involved Perrelli’s wearing of bright colored nail polish. There was absolutely NO SEX in this sexual harassment suit. 

Yes its deplorable the lengths people will go to hurt another human being for the sake of their own fortune. The above-mentioned case is just one of the more hurtful and dishonest rumors perpetuated by scum of the earth people. And the most irritating thing of all is, it isn’t even necessary or helpful. 

There are many many legitimate differences between White and Chamberlain, all of which could be argued constructively. Arguing one side or the other of any issue never ever needs to include personal attacks or twisting of fact.

This all just goes to prove that the word on the street is useful to no one but the feckless people who perpetrate it. All candidates should be considered good people and judged by their constructive intent or past official practices. There are legitimate reasons one may favor one more than the other for elected office. While personal character should way in to your decision, that information should come from what you know and clearly not from what you hear. 



The lady cleaning the toilet bowl to the left knows that timing is everything. This mayor and council are no different. Their timing was impeccable while approving their 2.1 Million dollar Veterans Field project. With their $400,000 dollar grant being nearly two years old, they waited until the eleventh hour to actually do something about the field. With no major maintenance during the past four years creating more of a dire need for improvements then necessary, and their grant window extended once already bringing it closer to election time, they timed everything perfectly to fall in place for the headline of their first campaign brochure. 

There was the option to apply $400,000 dollars to this matching grant and spend a paltry $800,000 dollars on initial improvements without having to go hog wild and bond an additional $1.3 Million with a lifetime expenditure more than likely costing over 2 Million dollars. But apparently being mindful of the future and conservative in their approach wasn’t going to get them the biggest bang for the buck, politically speaking that is. 

Their vote was unanimous of course. How could any politician give the appearance they ‘were not for the kids’? Especially with only 60 days to go before the election! I mean not voting for something like this would be akin to asking the mayor and council to give up their healthcare and lifetime healthcare benefits  worth $600,000 dollars every four years. How absurd would that be? Equally absurd was what Councilman Joe Camilleri said in the Community News article by Staff Writer Katherine Milsop:  “that he would still like to have a master plan for the whole project before beginning any work. We upped the bond, I just hope there's enough money to do a few more things there," he said. "We don't have figures on it... we're kind of shooting from the hip." 

On July 1, 2010 while running for re-election against Joseph setticase and published in the Community News by Staff Writer Brad Leibowitz, Chamberlain is quoted as saying her "fine tuned ability for economics" was a major factor in her deciding to run. "I feel that I have the most experience," she said. "I am extremely mindful when it comes to fine tuning the pencil of economics. Being that I have been the owner of a successful business in town for 38 years and have also held public office for 18, I believe I have the ability to read the needs of the community through open communication and provide them with a detailed fiscal plan which will help guide the township through these tough economic times." Well now, shooting from the hip doesn’t sound like “a detailed fiscal plan which will help guide the township through these tough economic times" now does it? Also since it is widely known her business is heading south in a hurry, and I don’t mean to her second home of Florida, this would not be an item I’d boast about in any upcoming brochure. ‘She also emphasized that her campaign will be run on the notion of Saddle Brook only spending what the town earns. No more, no less’. With only a 1.25% tax increase this year, election year, I would think it would be safe to say following her philosophy, that taxes would most certainly have to go up considerably in the coming few years to make sure they didn’t spend more then what the town earned. 

It IS nice that the kids will have a better field then every generation before them. We all survived but then again we were used to playing outside and getting bumps and bruises unlike kids today that just get carpel tunnel. Maybe it is good thing they waited until the eleventh hour to push this through. November 4th will then tell us just how appreciative residents are. I’ll just have to keep reminding myself of Mayor Chamberlame’s famous saying, “after all this is the silly season’.