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October Council Meeting

No Hamm, just sausage So, how about that Omar? You watch the October council meeting? There you got to observe another professional 4 times councilman, 2 times council president proclamation by a down-to-earth, educated, soft-demeanor man. NOT!

One would have to be completely stupid, shortsighted, and / or terribly ignorant to think he had the right to speak on the subject he tried to argue at the time he tried to argue it. He knew he was wrong. And if he didn’t, he’d be even more pathetic then he already is.

Here is a man trying to run for office again (same $hithead, different day) supposedly knowing full well the rules with all of his professed past experience, deciding that the best way to get votes is to cause an outburst so as to look like the great defender.

The truth is that Mr. Rodriquez wanted one last TV freebee and would be damned if he didn’t get that exposure before Election Day, no matter what. Apparently even while looking like an absolute fool!  

Mr. Rodriquez has proven over the past months that he is exactly the type of councilman you don’t want. Unless of course you’d prefer the mayor and council to go back in history to when they were forced to fight Mr. Rodriquez in court as much as every month at meetings. The present council, although not on the same page with the mayor as he’d like you to believe, are working together in a civil manner. Mr. Rodriquez would be a monkey wrench that would need constant grease to keep him civil and in-check. Obviously the two Democratic incumbents running for office know enough to stay away from this troublemaker by not including him on their ticket. Omar’s signs are Hugh with a very large picture of his inflated head. Headlights coming around a corner and hitting that sign can be very disturbing, even dangerous, to say the least!!

But so far they say he is doing rather well with backers. This can probably be attributed to Mayor White being his primary backer. Why would the beloved Mr. White want to associate himself with this 4 times councilman, 2 times council president is beyond me. However, White has said many times right after he was elected that he owes Omar for his win. So I guess the mayor’s backing is just a political favor having nothing to do with him believing Omar has any particular virtue or talent. Therefore it would be safe to say the mayor isn’t considering the ramifications to the township and its residents either. Obviously the mayor is considering only one thing right now and that’s getting his inner circle, his son, Robinson, Gierek, and Omar, into office.  

Did you also happen to notice that the mayor practically took all the credit for getting the Anti-Nepotism Ordinance passed? Politically that was a smart thing to do considering most residents would be totally unaware that it was Councilwoman Karen D’Arminio who got the necessary votes. Cimiluca and D’Arminio were always in favor of getting it pasted. And if you remember, after Chief Kugler made a plea at a past council meeting to NOT pass the ordinance, an insubordination that was left unchecked by the mayor, the mayor stated in a newspaper that whether to apply this ordinance to the police department would be a consideration for the future. This bit of wiggle room is not what Karen D’Arminio nor Todd Accomando promised during their campaign. Now, with the passage of this Ordinance, anti-nepotism can be applied to EVERY department head without bias interfering or only one person having the authority to enforce it. It’s now a law which applies to everyone employed, equally with no Executive Order introducing extenuating circumstances.

Kudos to Mrs. D’Arminio as well as the rest of the council for seeing the potential jeopardy involved in an executive order and putting into place a completely fair and equitable remedy. 


Can't stand the heat?

OMG I made a mistake. My apologies to the esteemed President of the board of education, Sylvia Zottarelli. I “ass-out - of-u-me d” her son was running for a seat on the Board of Education when, within 5 minutes of my post going live, she corrected me via a text message that it is in fact her husband who is running. She was quite PO’d at my comment. I personally don’t see that I said anything terribly wrong other than the obvious but she did have a right to be annoyed that my facts were incorrect. The “fact” that I named the wrong family member was my error. The “fact” that that doesn’t change a thing regarding my intention to state the obvious, as with White, that family members together on a board or in power within the same municipality is not a healthy way to run things.  

Mrs. Zottarelli and I disagree. We disagree on most things now. There was a time in our past when Mayor White was running for office that we both agreed on most things. Neither of us liked how White was going about things. But, as with most things in politics, once White’s friendship became a valuable commodity for Mrs. Zottarelli that of course all changed. And that is ok with me. I have been around it and mixed up within it (politics) for over 35 years so it comes as no surprise.

What I am much more surprised about is the unladylike way in which Mrs. Zottarelli wrote within her text to me. Being the President of the BOE, a trustee in the real sense, a trustee of your children’s moral, ethical, and educational aptitude, I would have not expected to be spoken too in such a manner. I feel compelled to leave in her expletive deleted’s for no other reason than to show her lack of ability to use the English language in a more accomplished, intelligent, and “schooled” manner.

Below is your Board of Education PRESIDENT’S own words:

(Copied & pasted from my phone)

Hey douchebag if you insist on trash talking me and now my family get your fucking facts straight.... thought you learned your lesson from Halko's kid with your BULLSHIT apology.... you are truly one of the lowest forms of life... I have laughed at the bullshit you have wrote about ME in the past but now your talking about MY kid and that's crossing the line ... but I should say it's a good thing shows how fucking pathetic you are..... its not my son”.

Since it is not her son we are talking about then “your talking about MY kid and that's crossing the line” doesn’t apply then does it? (The use of the word your and not you’re is also a subtle sign).

I am not going to get into her reference to “Halko’s kid” other than to say that in an old blog post I made reference to his son when I shouldn’t have. And yes I did apologize for it. Just because the father is an ass in my personal opinion, doesn’t mean his son should be mentioned. Especially when what I repeated was purely hearsay and could not be established as fact. I sincerely regret that whether Mr. Halko or Mrs. Zottarelli believes me or not.

If this example is the type of character of the men and women who run our schools then your vote means a hell of a lot more then you could imagine!

In politics your words and actions are fair game. 


Dynasty? Walk like an Egyptian

CORRECTION, see below

You'll also want to see a reply I received regarding this post. That will be available shortly!

Though I have been out of the loop for quite some time customizing my new motorcycle, then customizing my new car, and most importantly helping my daughter with our new second grandchild, it appears the usual is still occurring within Saddle Brook politics.

Both the Township Council and Board of Education elections are playing dirty politics. Not that I expected differently but there is always hope.

The old adage saying signs don’t vote, though true, can be misleading. Take the amount of lawn signs you see around town for BOE candidates White, Robinson, and Gierek. (Well don’t TAKE them. Someone else is doing that! Not their sign though). Their amount of signs would suggest that they have a lock on this election. But you’d also have to consider that since Timothy White is the son of Mayor Robert White, allot of those signs were probably put up because either the homeowner was afraid to say no to the mayor or they want/need to be in the mayor’s favor. But when they actually walk into the voting booth the button they push will be known to them only. They could easily vote for the opposition and still garner favor from the mayor. A win – win for the homeowner I would think.

 Let’s face it, Timothy White doesn’t have much going for him politically other than his father’s name and political power. It makes sense that he would run now when he has a better than equal chance while his father is still in office. And look who he is running with. Robinson who is a quitter being a past trustee then giving up and now thinking she has something to contribute now. Plus Gierek, another trustee who was more than willing to give it all up when he thought Mayor White would be able to get him the nod to run for township council. Being Mayor White’s campaign manager should have some privileges right? Well it didn’t happen as White and Gierek planned. The democrats through them under the bus with one fell swoop. So back to the BOE he wants to stay.

Michael Accomando and Joseph Zottarelli are seeking the three-year seats. Gierek and Accomando are both incumbents. Zottarelli is the son CORRECTION: husband of the present President of the BOE, Sylvia Zottarelli. Another family member who wants to get in the mix while the getting is good. Why is it we only hear about these people while their mothers or fathers hold office? Why is it that Saddle Brook continually has the same freekin people over and over again? Ever hear of Anthony Halko for council? Is it only a matter of time before we see Chamberlame, Kugler, Setticase, or Cook, being raised from the political dead?

New blood some might say for the children running for the BOE. Same blood if you ask me. Now we do however have the same blood with Mike Accomando on the board and Todd Accomando on the council. The difference here is that both men do not influence each other and are separate in their considerations and decisions. They both have shown time and time again that they stand for what they believe is right and do not cave to the status quo or “go along to get along” mentality.

With all the possible candidates to vote for there is really only a select few. When it comes to your children’s education politics has no place in your decision. Need to be in the good graces of the mayor? Bring him an apple!

p.s. If you happen to find a stack of Michael Accomando lawn signs somewhere, preserve one for fingerprints and promptly return the remainder. Apparently some schmuck(s) are VERY nervous!  


Loyalty / Foilty

When you think of a politician, any politician, do any of these attributes immediately also spring to mind: allegiance, devotion, fidelity, honesty, reliability, trustworthiness, incorruptibility, truthfulness, trustiness, or any of one hundred other synonyms for the word loyalty? If they do then your either delusional or just a typical Hillary supporter.

Would antonyms better describe your knee-jerk reaction: disgrace, dishonesty, dishonor, disloyalty, lying, treachery, faithlessness, inconstancy, indifference, undependability, unfaithfulness and power-hungry?

There is a damn good reason why this is happening now in Saddle Brook. If you actually take the time to think of what was said here in his “endorsement” by the esteemed Mayor White, your answers would be more correct then when you just assumed Mayor Chamberlame had more than one boyfriend.

The next post will unravel exactly what I am referring too. Not that the concept is that difficult to understand. But rather to warm the cool aid a bit so even the most entrenched White followers will have to think twice. 

Image result for i love my son poems



You have my support!

As summer comes to a close with Labor Day quickly upon us and Election Day not far behind, we all will once again be hit over the head and slapped across the face with a myriad of campaign promises. What to believe and who to believe will be allot easier said than done!

Do you believe the promises of an incumbent who has a record to judge from whether good, bad, or indifferent? Or do you trust a candidate who once held the office they are running for again but say that this time they think they got the hang of it and will do better this time if given the chance? Or, do you go with the new guy/girl? Someone who has no experience but may be able to talk a good game and whip people into a frenzy by empty words that sound laudable with no facts to support them? Elections, not an easy decision to make, especially in a small community like Saddle Brook.  

It is my humble opinion that the last thing to be concerned with in Saddle Brook politics is the Party Line. Unless you are actively involved in politics yourself and have a self-interest in who gets elected, there is no relationship between the name “Republican” and the platform they stand for with the same being equally true for Democrats. These party identities and their platforms mean something when it comes to State and National elections, not local ones. Local political parties are nothing more than “clicks”. Often composed of less than 5 people, they’d eat their own young to get their “guy” in office because it will benefit THEM, not necessarily the community. That proof is in the pudding every single month at a council meeting when you can observe the President of the Democratic Club, and the Democratic County Chairman, consistently berate the four members of their own party! While the “head of the party”, Mayor White, sits back and lets it happen allowing his fellow party members to look like fools and not risk sticking his neck out.

However, the Republicans are not in much better shape. Evident from past experience, you’ll get straight and tough talk from the incumbent, Mr. Cimiluca, but from there on the two remaining candidates fall far short of anything to write home about.  

When it comes to the Board of Education election things are equally annoying and suspect. Once again the mayor has his hands in the cookie jar. His son is running for trustee. Technically nothing wrong or immoral with that. But, when the mayor proclaims elsewhere, in multiple publications, that he is strongly in favor of condensing the BOE, making it part and parcel with the township council, and then, without shame, pushing his son AND his campaign manager to run for the BOE, you can’t help but see the handwriting on the wall. I’ll use this analogy: Even if Hillary Clinton didn’t do one thing wrong, it sure looks like she did, no? Perception is everything when it comes to fostering confidence. White’s timing could have and should have been better.

Below you will find a letter written by Trustee Michael Accomando. I post it here for many reasons which I won’t or can’t get into. Suffice it to say that I believe strongly in Mr. Accomando’s leadership. Because on many levels he has shown that through diversity while in office, he has stood for what he believes in and fought for it with all at his disposal. Mike is not the “favorite” among his peers on the board. Why? Because he doesn’t arbitrarily go with the flow. Some, and not his friends, might say that he is the cog in the wheel, the problem causer, not the solver. But his friends and some fellow colleagues, will tell you that Mike is the ‘check and balance’ of an otherwise rubber-stamp board.

What you don’t want in a leader is a popular guy who is well liked because he doesn’t question the intelligence of a decision. Frankly, if more politicians did their job they’d be allot less liked and hold office for less time. They are not there to make friends and line their pockets. They are there to see the bigger picture as the community they serve and not the individual resident.   

Mike Accomando is a man you want to decide your children’s fate while in school. Not someone looking at the board of education as a steppingstone to a bigger and better political career.  


"Over the past three years I have fought tooth and nail for our students in our district to be given the education they deserve and are entitled to. I am an advocate against bullying and I am fighting for the right decisions to be made for our children more than anyone will ever know. I have never, nor will I ever, make selfish decisions. I’m pushing for a school climate renewal as a strategy to increase student learning and achievement, enhance school connectedness, and prevent bullying.  We need to implement more effective bullying prevention efforts. There needs to be   long term, comprehensive efforts that should be led by the principal and engage all members of the school community to both prevent mean, cruel and bullying behaviors as well as promote social responsibility.   There needs to be an increase in character education in our schools and more lessons on tolerance of others with differences. Research shows that a favorable school climate is linked to higher student academic motivation, engagement, and higher test scores.   Every child and staff member need to feel 100 percent happy and safe in their schools. We can revamp our curriculums which we have done, we can strive to increase our scores which we have done, but none of it will matter if we have children who do not feel completely comfortable in our schools.  Our tax payers are counting on our board to make decisions for their kids, their friends’ kids and their neighbors’ kids.  Many steps have been taken to improve bullying issues.  However, there needs to be more and I continually push for more preventative measures.

     Every decision made at every board meeting has been thought out carefully and thoroughly on my part.  I couldn't sleep at night if I didn't feel I made the right decisions. The students have always come first for me.   IEP’s and 504 Accommodation plans for students need to be more closely adhered to and monitored.  Our district has made progress and I stand behind all of my decisions over the past three years. I have made many educated decisions that I thought about carefully and even researched when necessary.  I have kept the community members in mind always. I stand behind every word, action, and decision. I take great pride in our community, and I take great pride in my honesty and character.   I hope to serve another three year term in this district. I want to do the right thing by everyone.  I'm not a yes man nor will I ever be. I want to be the voice of the community and our students.  All I want is to make a positive change in our community, especially for our kids.  

This November I will be running for Re-Election of the Saddle Brook Board of Education. I’m a concerned Parent not a politician.  My first term I have helped implement full day Kindergarten, Guidance Councilor's in all Schools, made sure all work is being done properly and up to code with Permits in our buildings, helped pass a 4.9 million dollar referendum, came within budget all three years, I stick up for our kids and have proven that it’s about the kids and not dirty Politics. Our kids deserve better than that and I will continue to do what I've done with your support. When Re-Elected I will focus with the Board to get our test scores up which has always been a concern as well.  We really have wonderful teachers and staff.  They are true professionals who work very hard every day, all year, on weekends and late nights and therefore need to be continually praised for their hard work and dedication to our kids. 

There have been times I've stood up for our children with only support from a few people. I didn't back down. I'm not afraid to push for something if it's the right thing. I'm not afraid to push for change when it's not benefiting our kids and community.  I'm not afraid to speak up.

Thank you for your support and please spread the word to vote #5 on November 8th 


NOVEMBER 8, 2016




Welcome back National Night Out (NNO)!

Mayor Robert White explained the origins of National Night Out and said it was part of a national program throughout the United States, starting in 1984 to bring public attention to crime prevention. He said it has expanded since then to a night where residents can meet their first responders, police, fire and EMS. "That's where we took it," said White. It's a well-rounded public safety program." **

Well just to fill in the empty gaps a bit, where he stated: “residents can meet their first responders, police, fire and EMS”, was ALWAYS the case and why NNO was formulated in the first place. But for some reason the mayor wants to give the impression he is doing something different this year.  

White further said the township has not hosted National Night Out for the last few years. To clarify, Saddle Brook PD has not hosted a NNO for the last six years, ending in 2010 if I am not mistaken.

I originally started and introduced NNO to Saddle Brook on August 2, 1990. In those days there were not many police departments offering any National Night Out Against Crime. Saddle Brook was one of the major leaders who championed the concept which originated on the west coast.

Also in those days S.B.P.D. also offered many other crime prevention programs. During that time I also created the Crime Prevention Bureau which organized block watches as well as a host of other crime prevention initiatives. Within a few years after that I, along with then Sgt. Glenn Toepert, created the now defunct Community Services Bureau that married all of the PD’s crime prevention programs with the Juvenile Bureau.

During those years Saddle Brook Police offered more services to the residents and children of Saddle Brook then they ever had before or since. They were good, prosperous years.

I am hoping that the return of NNO in Saddle Brook in 2016 is a sign of more comprehensive things to come!! 

** National Night Out returns in Saddle Brook




Stacked Deck

The family, All In The Family, is getting bigger by the minute I see. Pretty soon the Kugler Dynasty will be overtaken by the White Dynasty as it appears the mayor is slowly but surely learning the ways of political control, apparently by his friend and mentor, Robert Kugler.

I always called Ed Kugler the Bill Clinton of Saddle Brook politics. Nowhere near Clinton as a smooth talker, much scrappier around the edges to say the least, but always seeming to get things done to benefit the family. If anyone would say he didn’t do good things for the township as both a councilman and a mayor, they would be wrong. He did. But as he himself has said, “there is no reason to get involved in politics unless your family can benefit”.

You also can’t dismiss the fact that his son and police chief, Robert Kugler, is well educated and passed every test to gain his rank in the PD. What you can also be equally sure of is that any and all obstacles that may have been in his way were removed from that preconceived path. The Chief always treated me very well while I was employed at the PD. It’s a shame that all went by the wayside when I retired and was no longer of any use. That work ethic of ‘what have you done for me lately’ is now ostensibly rubbing off on Mayor White.

“A man with a silver spoon may get his share of supporters, but he can never be an inspiration for somebody! Patience and hard work are the key to every man's success.”   -Kailash Kher-

Maybe that shiny silver spoon is now being passed to a less lucky person in birth but blessed (or used) with being at the right place at the right time.

I have spouted off in past posts regarding why I believe it dangerous to have a mayor who has too much control. That no one person should have such influence as to singlehandedly and arbitrarily control or affect the lives of many. To a lesser degree then I had hoped, I explained how political influence manipulated and personally hurt a particular family in town and why the mayor and council and the board of education were conceived as separate entities and why they should therefore remain that way.

Then I happen to come across a troubling article. A Saddle Brook / Elmwood Park Daily Voice article written by Cindy Capitani and published on July 12, 2016, “Saddle Brook Mayor: I Love This Town”.  I can’t help but pick this article apart because it begs to be. Seeming laudable that the mayor works for only $1 dollar a year, when he rightfully receives well over $140,000 in pension and accumulated sick days, giving up a measly $5000 a year mayoral salary isn’t exactly a hardship.

"Coming from an administrative position in the police department and knowing the town and how government works, that was a big advantage for me”, said White. However, I believe having Bob Kugler as his mentor, was and is his big advantage. In all the years White was a Captain or Deputy Chief, I can’t remember a single instance when his administrative abilities affected us underlings lower on the totem pole. But maybe the article just means he learned how to read spreadsheets.

Also rather humorous was his comment of, “The hardest part, he said, is not being able to make everyone happy. Just because you're mayor doesn't mean everything is in your hands”.  Through his entire campaign all he ever continually tried to do was ‘make everyone happy’, never committing or taking a stand.  Something I called him on more than once. That was one of the main reasons we had more than a few strained conversation while I was managing his mayoral website. This was something even his running mates despised and while to this day, won’t allow everything in your hands! Contrary to what you see monthly on TV, the all in the family, is NOT the council.

The most political, and if not political then ignorant, statements in this article was “He's married, with two sons and a daughter, ages 25-31.This of course was to convey a well-established man of honor and distinction. Not to say he isn’t honorable and technically legally true that he is married, it would be closer to the truth to say he's presently separated, having two sons and a daughter, ages 25-31. No one held Karen Chamberlain accountable for her personal life and the same should be true now.

But the telltale comment within this article was:  The former school board president also wants to see the council and school board work more closely.  "I want us to operate less as two entities," he said. "We’re a small town and everything comes out of the same pot of money. We might as well do what we can to work together." Sounds plausible in theory but misplaced when considering possible total political control. The same hand in to many cookie jars just makes for a compulsive and egotistical dictator. Should those of you who believe my use of the word dictator is way too harsh, ask the two incumbent democratic candidates.

To that end we now learn that Timmy White, son of Mayor White, is running for the Saddle Brook BOE. With a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership you can’t say he has no qualifications. But you can question the timeliness of this venture. Is it really advantageous to have another White as a board trustee while this trustee’s father is the mayor? Why now? Although nepotism does not apply in this case, its definition does. With perception being EVERYTHING, wouldn’t it be less likely a false perception of impropriety would occur if both men weren’t in office at the same time? Or is it striking while the iron is hot all that matters.   

And then finally you have Joe Zottarelli, Dave Gierek, Angela Robinson and incumbent trustee Michael Accomando, all running for three seats. Any of those names belong to the family? Zottarelli and Gierek certainly do while Accomando certainly does not.  Conspicuously absent from these candidates’ names is Vincent Laurentino. Hum!! With Mrs. Zottarelli, board President and mayoral pick, Dave Gierek being the mayor’s foiled pick for a council candidate and also his campaign manager, and the mayor’s son now running, wouldn’t you say it appears the mayor has the deck stacked?

I had always believed that the Chamberlame administration was the most conniving. I have come to learn that couldn’t be further from the truth. They say what you don’t know can’t hurt you. I don’t believe that is true either.