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Misguided Patronage

I have no problem listening to people arguing their side of an issue as long as it is backed up with true facts, common sense, and/or intelligent reasoning. But more then not, what I hear and read from Republican pundits is almost always based on their personal uninformed twisting of facts which is usually rooted deep within their personal dislike, or even hatred, having no basis in fact, of a Democratic candidate.  

I’m not writing here to defend anyone. Except for one councilman in particular, they all have their Big Pants On and can defend themselves. But what irks me to no end is these pundits belief that they have figured out the Holy Grail of reasons why you should agree. 

Case in point: “What type of person would bring politics into the pd and then run for office while still a police officer in town?” Now there’s a non-argument that is utterly ridicules. Number one, where’s the politics brought into the police department? Running for office doesn’t bring politics in the P.D. anymore then the P.D. is already influenced by politics and the reason why most States allow an officer to run for political office as long as they take a leave of absence. A leave of absence means that legally White is no longer a police officer having exactly ZERO police powers or influence. They fail to remember (on purpose) that Mayor Chamberlain had to grant permission to White to allow him to take a leave of absence. White has the constitutional right to run for office and the mayor did not stand in his way. 

“People throughout the County that follow local elections are commenting on how terrible it is for a Deputy Chief to run in the SAME TOWN THAT EMPLOYS him before he officially retired.” I wonder if this person took a scientific poll to garner this result before making a comment like this. He/she should follow the lead of Councilman Halko who Googles before coming up with an opinion. As explained in the previous paragraph this process is much more common that most people realize within the State of New Jersey, let alone the rest of the Country. 

His (White) audacity to run before he officially retired is disgraceful.” Obviously this ‘concern’ has become a talking point for the republican pundits. Common sense would tell anyone of sound mind that it would not behoove you or your family to count your chickens before they hatch and quite your job willy-nilly, basing your future on an election, especially when the law provides a safer avenue. 

If elected, White would be mayor at the time of his payout. The public is unaware of how overly political Chiefs walk away at retirement with more than they are entitled to. They walk away with as much the mayor and council approve even its is not contractual. The public is going to have buyer's remorse as they see White and Kugler cash in. 

Above is an uneducated statement bordering on the moronic that unfortunately some may not think twice about and therefore believe. White could NOT decide what he gets monetarily upon retirement. Just as Kugler Sr. often had to do when voting on police matters or Conte when hiring his son, they must abstain from voting or involvement. The council would not allow his intervention and ultimately under the ‘Faulkner Act’, only the council can approve an expense and cut a check. White’s pension and retirement benefits have already been decided regardless of who is mayor. Plus it would be absurd to think if White were elected mayor the council would be inclined to give him a (republican talking point) Golden Parachute 

My words and no one else’s: White must have felt the prevailing winds showed him this was his time to run. Whether he retired today or 5 years from now his pension would follow him for his lifetime along with his generous salary while employed. I would venture to say that running for office is essentially no different than becoming a police officer; a desire to serve your community and contribute to making it the best it can be.


Mishap @ Saddle River Rd. & Kenwood Ct.

Be safe out there Trick or Treating. You never know

who might run into you!!



Put Your Big Boy Pants On! Pt. 3 of 3

It is safe to say I can now write Part 3, the last part of this saga, since Mr. Cimiluca put my mind at easy by writing, “Rest assured that I have remained calm during the writing of this letter. I thank you for your unsolicited medical advice that I should “take…diazepam, (Valium), preferably 5 or better yet, 10 mg daily. 

I was going to address each and every comment Mr. Cimiluca referenced of my ‘disrespectful’ statements throughout this blog but have now decided against that. I said what I said and in retrospect, feel I have no reason to apologize. Being disrespectful ass-u-me(s) I should have respect in the first place. That is an absurd assumption since he must fail to remember the fact that I know all the people personally, as well as, worked for them for many years having numerous interactions during those years. It is for that very reason I have little respect. I know their politically conniving ways. And as the mayor likes to point out every chance she gets when in a discussion with me, I am a Fair Lawn resident. She’s not my mayor or the council my councilmen or woman. I owe them nothing and they should expect nothing. So, if you look at Mr. Conte when sitting on the dais, the expression on his face exudes a ‘which way did he go George’ look. Calling the mayor ‘Chamberlame’ is funny and in my opinion accurate. These, as well as other ‘pet names’ I have used, are MY opinions and do NOT destroy, dishonor, or in anyway harm the mayor or council people: maybe their ego but nothing more. 

This blog receives over 2500 hits monthly. I can understand Cimiluca’s uncomfortable ness. But there is no scientific way to ascertain if the majority of readers agree or disagree with me. But that doesn’t much matter, at least not to me. I receive criticism constantly because of my opinions here. That is to be expected when you make your feelings public and don’t hide your identity, unlike the forums in which Cimiluca decided to post his letter. Council President By-A-Hair Andrew Cimiluca, along with Chamberlame, Which Way Did He Go George Conte, Bouncing Google Halko, or Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil, See No Evil Mazzer, are just going to have to resign themselves, like I do, that when you say anything in public you should be thick skinned enough to let the criticism roll off your back. If you sincerely believe there is truth in what you say then say it and take your lumps as they come. 

The Republican Party and candidates once again mislead the people who read his letter. Instead of standing up like professionals, take a deep breath, and put their fears aside for the public good, they (he) decides to misrepresent the facts and spin the issue so fault lies at the feet of another. So, if you hear disrespect coming from these pages in the future, remember this is one of the reasons. 

Of all the things Cimiluca said, the one that irks me the most was: “Astonishingly, as a father, you drag Mr. Halko’s minor son into your web of hate by stating “Mr. Halko would worry I’d throw in a picture of a crying baby forcing his son to no longer volunteer.”

My statement about his son obviously had nothing to do with his son personally or any other way. The ‘crying baby picture’ was in reference to a past volunteer who decided to quit volunteering after admonishing me publicly at a council meeting and I used a graphic of a crying baby behind a video camera when I posted about that confrontation. My statement was to make a reference to the fact that if in the future I should criticize the production values of SBTV; Halko Sr. may worry about the past occurrence. There was simply no reflection upon his son in my statement and only speaking of Mr. Halko Sr. and frankly, By-A-Hair is aware of that.  

I should have been surprised Mr. Cimiluca publicly responded at all to my blog in the way he did. I mean a Councilman, a Council President, making a public statement going into great detail as he did is very unusual. Normally you’d expect a councilman, one of the heads of a community, to be above this type of ‘got ya’ banter. Their professionalism would tell them to be quiet and therefore not give credence to their perceived adversary. But like I have said so many times in the past, Mr. Cimiluca’s arrogance got the better of him again. He just couldn’t contain himself. He had to show his superiority. This little old blog of mine just gets under his skin so deeply he couldn’t control himself.  But what is most laughable to me is that all he accuses me of is just as much present within his “ongoing, biased and disrespectful commentary” when he has lashed out at some public speakers during council meetings. He doesn’t like Omar and usually has “snarky” remarks after Omar speaks. He has no use for Larry Ratajczak and has often been disrespectful. He has spoken discourteously on several occasions to soon-to-be SB Board of Education trustee Sylvia Zottarelli. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. The obvious difference here is what you are reading now is just a blog voicing one mans opinion. When Cimiluca speaks he speaks for the Township. Disparaging remarks emanating from HIS mouth could very well lead to litigation.  

The republican candidates have a right to feel as they do. But you didn’t see THEM post anything on those forums. They let By-A-Hair do their dirty work. What Cimiluca objected to that I said about the mayor can just as easily be applied to him:  “Moral excellence; goodness; righteousness; … is not what exudes from this mayor.” 

Nuff said! 


Put Your Big Boy Pants On! Pt. 2

For my purposes here I will not re-write everything Mr. Cimiluca already wrote in his forums post letter. His facts concerning what I have written and when it was written are correct and undisputed. This post will therefore be limited to his comments. 

His first two comments to be addressed are as follows:

"The candidates do believe that such a program may be helpful to the public. However, based upon your ongoing, biased and disrespectful commentary on the SBCTV website, the candidates do not feel that it is the proper forum to present such a program. Moreover, your involvement in the production of the program, however minimal, makes participation in the program impossible." 

Then further along he wrote:

"As I am sure that you will immediately post this letter on your website and make snarky comments, I will point out some of your comments which are troubling, demeaning and downright mean. Your actions betray your statement that “they all know from experience that I would treat everyone equally, be fair to all.” [July 26]" 

Regarding the first paragraph, he admits the candidates “do believe that such a program may be helpful to the public.” So we all agree that my ‘candidates show’ is a good idea. However Mr. Cimiluca and therefore the candidates, more strongly believe THEIR feelings should take precedence over the publics need to know. More to my point, no one ever said this show would be available on this blog. Within my formal registered letter it clearly stated “Our intention is to air this show periodically during the months of September and October on both Cablevision Community News channel and Saddle Brook TV channels 77 and 38”. His fear of my blog was much more disconcerting to him then yielding to his constituents needs even when there was absolutely no reason for fear since my blog was not an issue.  The Democrats were no more in favor of airing this show on my blog then the Republicans. Without meaning to put a feather in their cap, the democrats simply read the letter and followed the rules. Mr. Cimiluca apparently just needed an excuse. And lastly, within this first paragraph where Cimiluca says: my “involvement in the production of the program, however minimal, makes participation in the program impossible”, is a clear and concise admission that it is only my participation that decided the need for the public’s right to know verses their personal fears and vendetta’s. Exactly the same excuse as Mayor Chamberlain refusing to allow Police Chief Kugler to participate in his innovative program “Chief’s Chat”. 

With respect to Cimiluca’s second paragraph above, he stated: “I will point out some of your comments which are troubling, demeaning and downright mean. Your actions betray your statement that “they all know from experience that I would treat everyone equally, be fair to all. [July 26]" 

My comments on this blog may be “troubling” to him and/or, the/his, candidates but that goes with the territory. You want to be a public figure, well put your big pants on and deal with it. All that tells me is that my blog has more impact then I originally thought. As far as “demeaning and downright mean” are concerned, I personally find that any spoken or written word in which derogatory statements are made is demeaning, but demeaning to the person being spoken or written about and not necessarily to that persons character in general. When someone speaks ill of you, you ARE going to feel bad, or embarrassed, or humiliated. That is a natural reaction. But it happens to all of us and especially to people in the limelight or politics, where it should be a square peg put into a square hole and shrugged off as political criticism. You know what they say, if you can’t take the heat . . . . ! Or another way to say it would be, put your big pants on and deal with it. 

The last comment of Cimiluca’s that I will address in this post is: “Your actions betray your statement that “they all know from experience that I would treat everyone equally, be fair to all.” [July 26]". 

Yes this is true whether they will publicly admit it or not. Back a few years ago when Cimiluca and Halko were running for office I wasn’t their ‘friend’ then either. Yet they still came to me when they wanted to produce a video for their upcoming election. At that time their experience proved to them that my one and ONLY concern was to produce a professional looking TV show. I didn’t much give a hoot who did good or who did badly yet I suggested only things which would enhance the production, not their political rhetoric. As a matter of fact, this video came out so well that they decided to do a second. Their experience was no difference then years ago when I produced TV shows for both Chamberlain and then Councilman Lou D’Arminio. Though they were rivals since Mr. D’Arminio was about to run for mayor, I treated then equally and without favoritism. It was only after then Mayor Chamberlain told me to ‘shut down’ D’Arminio’s TV show because he “comes off better on TV then her”, that there was a problem going forward. My point is that the republicans, although well aware I don’t care for their politics, are equally aware that doesn’t matter to me if I am going to put my name on a video production. I do what is right and I do it with professionalism. If I hadn’t, there would be no SBCTV now.

To Be Continued


Put Your Big Boy Pants On! Pt. 1

I will not respond to Mr. Cimiluca directly because to me he is nothing more then a drive by. No different then at a Council meeting, he throws his punches only while he has an audience that is forced to listen but cannot respond in kind. The way of most seasoned politicians, he drops his bomb then runs for the hills before he can be challenged. Here I will simply supply my retort to his accusations but more pointedly, to his premise. 

I’ll start with the nonsense first. The President of the Republican Club, Council President ANDREW Cimiluca, stated that he formally replied to my Certified letter requesting republican candidate participation in a TV/Online show titled “Meet Your Candidate 2014” via an email address he believed to be of mine and did not received an “undeliverable” reply. The email address he used has been shut down for over a year. So in effect Cimiluca assumed his message went through. Assuming anything would not be the most intelligent or professional way to handle something of any significance let alone coming from an Attorney at Law. Further, since he apparently spent a significant amount of time doing research on my blog he should have been able to figure out that since SBCreativeTV sent the registered letter, it would make sense to send a reply email to ‘’. But there is an important caveat to this. Within my registered letter it clearly stated that a Yea or Nay reply MUST be sent via my letter, which had the appropriate reply enclosure. Following this procedure would have supplied me with the candidate’s signatures so there would be no possible contention of misunderstanding. Mr. Cimiluca took it upon himself to answer in a way that now affords him the opportunity to say, “He did reply” when there is absolutely no proof that he in fact did. Highly suspect when coming from an attorney. By all appearances this is all nothing more then politically calculated and motivated CYA. 

Before I go any further it must be understood that Mr. Cimiluca’s ‘reply email’ that was never received by me, was posted on NJ forums, written and directed toward other readers of the republican persuasion and still not forwarded to me personally. His intention was clearly to inform his cohorts of his writing talents, cover his rear end, and not his concern to properly inform me. (Have I been “snarky” yet? The fat lady hasn’t sung yet either).


To Be Continued 


Pot Calls The Kettle Black

Without further ado or explanation I have posted here a copy of an email Council President Andrew Cimiluca claims he sent to me back on August 4, 2014. However, the email address he stipulates within his ‘letter’ has been a closed and non-working email account for over a year and therefore never received by me. The reason for his writing will become quite evident once read. This ‘copy’ was recently posted within a forum that is meant to be read by his, or should I say - republicans, choir. And since it is most obvious to any reader that Mr. Cimiluca would prefer a much larger audience, I shall give him that larger audience and refrain from any comment until his letter becomes fully digested by readers of this blog.  

"The Republicans did respond to Mr. Azzarone via email sent on August 4, 2014. The email was sent to"" It was not returned as undelivered. Attached was the following letter, sent in pdf format [please forgive the way this formatting looks on this site]:
August 4, 2014
Leonard Azzaronec/o Saddle Brook Creative TV
RE: Invitation to participate in “Meet Your Candidates 2014” program

Dear Mr. Azzarone:

As President of the Saddle Brook Republican Club, I am responding to you on behalf of the Republican candidates for Mayor and Council in regard to your invitation to participate in the proposed “Meet Your Candidates 2014” program. The Republican candidates respectfully decline the invitation. 
The candidates do believe that such a program may be helpful to the public. However, based upon your ongoing, biased and disrespectful commentary on the SBCTV website, the candidates do not feel that it is the proper forum to present such a program. Moreover, your involvement in the production of the program, however minimal, makes participation in the program impossible. 

As I am sure that you will immediately post this letter on your website and make snarky comments, I will point out some of your comments which are troubling, demeaning and downright mean. Your actions betray your statement that “they all know from experience that I would treat everyone equally, be fair to all.” [July 26]

You make reference to the Mayor, elected by the voters of Saddle Brook, as “Mayor Chamberlame” [April 1, July 11] and stating that she “...has no trouble deep throating that microphone….” [April 6] Your character assassination continued when you wrote “Moral excellence; goodness; righteousness; … is not what exudes from this mayor.” [May 9] You describe her address to the public as “painful, absolutely painful” [June 19] and “her usual and customary rant.” [June 2]

You make reference to Councilman Richard Conte, elected by the voters of Saddle Brook, as “Which Way Did He Go George” Conte. [April 16, May 1] You refer to him along with Councilman Halko, as “Nerds”. [April 1]
You save your “finest” barbs for Councilman Halko, elected by the voters of Saddle Brook. You make reference to him as “Mr. Bouncing Google Halko” [April 6] and stating [he] “can’t argue unless he has a PC near by to Google an answer.” [June 12] You accuse him of “…irresponsible thinking, combined with ulterior political motives.” [June 17] Any semblance of impartiality is defeated by your admission “everyone knows I think that Mr. Bouncing Google Halko is a pompous a$.” [April 6] Astonishingly, as a father, you drag Mr. Halko’s minor son into your web of hate by stating “Mr. Halko would worry I’d throw in a picture of a crying baby forcing his son to no longer volunteer.” 

Of course you have the right to your opinion and to express that opinion. However, the candidates also have the right to choose with whom they wish to associate. As the program would likely be broadcast on your website, it will be viewed alongside advertisements for the Democratic candidates, from which you derive financial gain. In fact, as the person responsible for creating the websites for the Democratic candidates, the pretense that your involvement in the candidate’s forum will be fair and neutral is laughable. You have actually directed your readers to the website for the Democratic Mayoral candidate, and “shockingly” make the statement that you “…happen to agree and applaud his initiative.’ [July 2] By making a statement that the Republican candidates “are the ones running a little scared” [August 2], while also stating “I haven’t once stumbled upon derogatory or misleading statements by Democrats” [August 2] leaves no doubt that you have a definite agenda. 

Rest assured that I have remained calm during the writing of this letter. I thank you for your unsolicited medical advice that I should “take…diazepam, (Valium), preferably 5 or better yet, 10 mg daily.” [June 19] But if you are going to disparage me, at least get my name right: “the sometimes belligerent and arrogant Council President, Anthony Cimiluca.” [June 19]

Very truly yours,
Andrew M. Cimiluca /s/ANDREW M. CIMILUCAPresident – Saddle Brook Republican Club"

 To be continued




Adding To The Lack Of Ranks

*Rank as in amount of members, NOT in the amount of superiors. 

Dateline, October 7, 2014, 10:29am, BY KATHERINE MILSOP


The Community News published an article today announcing a new police officer will be added to the Saddle Brook Police Department. These raises the present compliment of men to 29 officers, 28 should Deputy White be elected mayor and therefore have to retire from the PD. Some 3 ½ years after S.B.P.D. staffing was at an all-time dangerous low of 22 officers, way short of the Table of Organizations (T.O.) mandated 34 sworn officers. They say “good enough for government work” I guess but a snails pace nevertheless. 

I am aware of the painful intricacies involved with hiring lateral transfers (officers from other departments). I have spoken to many who have explained in great detail how difficult this process can be. Yet I find it difficult to accept the fact that 3 ½ years later this police department is STILL understaffed. From all appearances it took a mayor who let the ball drop in the first place to swallow her ego and appoint her one-time adversary as a police director, in an effort to do what she couldn’t: man the PD. As late to game as he was, Lou D’Arminio has made a large dent in the problem. I say late to the game because the mayor and council couldn’t see the nose on their own faces. But I’ll concede, better late than never. 

Being a lateral transfer from the Palisades Interstate Parkway Police means that this new officer will be able to hit the road sooner then a new cadet, not having to attend the Police and Fire Academy since he had been previously certified. The fairness of Affirmative Action laws can (and should) be argued until the cows come home. However in this instance we should be thankful that the NAACP, who has been a consistent stumbling block during previous police hires, has managed to successfully negotiate with Chief Kugler. "I have to commend the chief, we had a constant dialogue," said Anthony Cureton, president of the Bergen County NAACP”. 

So the bottom line to all of this is that things are getting better, slowly but surely. Of course that is providing the PD director remains allowed to continue hiring until the T.O. is fulfilled. But there are a number of ‘Ut oh’s’ which come to mind that could still upset the apple cart. 

If Bob White becomes mayor and therefore must retire from the PD, will the council rescind their new ordinance and decide to replace the Deputy Chief position with one of their ‘own’? That cannot be done without a mayor actually making the appointment though. It is just worth mentioning that ‘people can be taken care of’ if another D.Chief were appointed because then all ranks would then have the possibility of being promoted; promotions, a favorite of all politicians. Will this PD director still maintain his position in January of 2015 regardless of who is then mayor to see his project to fruition? Another question that comes to mind is, promotions, will they (new or existing mayor) again make the mistake of promoting officers to a supervisory position just because their ranks are fulfilled. S.B.P.D. may never see the 34 sworn officers the T.O. mandates. Councilman Halko and others have been heard to say they favor 32 officers. Some present council members have said previously that getting away with a lot less officers during the past 3 years was proof-positive 34 officers was not a necessity. Never mind you didn’t have the protection you thought you had OR deserve, nor did you even come close to the services you should expect from the investigations unit of the PD. It was NOT because the officers didn’t do their job. It was simply because there were not nearly enough officers to do the job! Two cars on the road (when lucky) and a detective bureau castrated to the point of being secretaries for insurance companies.  

All water under the bridge? Let’s all pray so. This shouldn’t be the Roller Derby to see how far the town skates this time!