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Tired Of Mudslinging Yet?

If you are then you are in for a bit more of a headache in the next four days. It’s almost over. They hate each other’s guts now but when elected will kiss each other’s a$$. If you haven’t made up your mind already these ‘hit’ pieces will still do you little good. One-liners don’t tell the whole story, they usually just change it. Just hold your nose – only 4 more days!



A few months ago when that “Arizona Rag” first adorned the internet (I call it that because the republicans hide their identity behind the location of their internet server) I heard that a prominent democrat, presently not running nor holding office, approached Mayor Chamberlame and strongly suggested she immediately stop her cronies from publishing rumors, innuendos, and misstatements of fact, or the democrats would have no alternative but to retaliate. Both wanting to keep this election clean, she agreed although Chamberlame admitted no involvement. This blog went silent for a period of time but has now once again reared its ugly head. 

True to the SB Republican way of doing things, transparency is nowhere to be found. They just can’t put their name to their allegations. Acting as an autonomous committee, spewing unsubstantiated dribble, hoping and praying you’ll believe their “truths” even when you have absolutely no idea who the hell they are and where their supposed facts come from.  

Well, this last time their ‘facts’ are far from the truth. 

 $5 million tax increase to pay for bathroom repairs throughout Saddle Brook schools.  Shouldn’t this work be able to be completed in-house? 

“IN-HOUSE”? Please tell me what this means? I know there is a Doctor with the name of HOUSE but is there a plumber named IN-HOUSE? 

Millions of $$$ of municipal tax increases.  As Board of Ed. President, Bob White has raised our taxes to the max (to the tune of $2 million in three years).  He plans to do the same as mayor. 

So, staying within the NJ State mandated 2% Cap, being what the State of New Jersey believes to be a reasonable increase in a budget to maintain and/or improve school facilities is a bad thing? If he didn't improve the school system they'd be bitching he's done nothing 'for the children'! Can't win on this one!!And apparently I guess Bob White has personally told this writer he plans to do ‘the same as mayor’? Is the reader supposed to be THAT dumb? Insulting!! 

White’s campaign has accepted more than $20K from donors outside of Saddle Brook.  What political favors will Saddle Brook taxpayers be on the hook for following White’s election? 

Is there a political campaign somewhere that does not accept donations? Are we supposed to believe the 3 republican candidates have not accepted legal donations? I would think if you have supporters who are willing to throw money at you to get elected would mean they believe in you. Accepting donations does not mean you are obligated to do any favors. It just means your opponents have an excuse to intimate you will. This is a political mainstay ‘hit’ and means nothing. 

Million Dollar retirement package – If White is elected mayor, taxpayers will have to pay for all of his unused sick days.  This amounts to nearly $500,000.  In addition, taxpayers will fund his annual pension of more than $100,000. 

Although these figures appear a bit off to me they make you wonder exactly how they were able to get unused sick time figures unless they were candidates privy to employee records. But the real point here is – whether he is elected mayor or not, his unused sick days and annual pension doesn’t change. He will get that or something similar when he retires regardless of this or any other election. This is a non-election issue and any fool should be able to recognize this. 

This ‘Arizona Rag’ is a poor attempt at informing the public of any meaningful information and decidedly slanted to do nothing more the pull the wool over the eyes of the public. 

I realize this is just ‘politics’ but it’s a damn shame they have to lie to the people they want to serve just to get elected!


'Should' Go Without Saying

Ok, I never thought I’d ever have to actually write this down, but for the sake of clarity and finally dispel republican misinformation, here goes. 

While it is obvious I do 100% support the democratic ticket of White, D’Arminio, and Accomando, that support is limited to only a few things. I support these three candidates because just as with the three republicans, I know them personally. The difference is that knowing these three garners my respect, unlike the republican side. See when you know all the players it becomes much easier to decide where your allegiance should lie. I trust them, believe in them, and feel more then comfortable in their competence to lead. 

But what I say here, on this Blog, are MY WORDS and no one else. Not Bob White or democrat or anyone else tells me what to say or how to say it. They know better. What I say is never tempered by what may be helpful or harmful to these candidates. And they have absolutely no idea what I will say until I have already said it. No one is above reproach, including myself, and that is the only way it should be. This is one way I support them. 

Conversely, while I am the ‘webmaster’ of, my duties are purely technical in nature. I administer this website based solely upon what material is supplied to me by Bob White and/or his advisers. I have no explicit or implied right to add one word of my own to this website. My only latitude applies to graphic design that first must be approved before implemented. I am NOT employed by nor receive ANY monetary or any other compensation for this service. No explicit or implied promises have been made to me for these services nor were any asked for. I have no intention to be employed by the Township of Saddle Brook should White be elected. This applies to any rumor of my desire to be involved in any way with Saddle Brook television, whether paid or volunteer. Administering is just another way I lend my support to these three candidates. 

This election is certainly not about me and my involvement should have absolutely no implications for these three candidates. My activities with the white4mayor campaign are extremely limited in scope with absolutely no input into their ideology or future goals and ideals. All three are more then capable of speaking for themselves and certainly need no help from me!  


Liar Liar

When I recently posted that I’d be curious to see how the republicans and Democrats go about beating each other up during the last week before election, I can only laugh how MY NAME gets thrown into the mix. A combination of outright lies and written misunderstandings has unfortunately put me in a position of authority where none exists, except maybe in the small mind of Mr. Halko. You would think I’m Rush Limbaugh and Halko is Barack Obama. Neither is anywhere near the case! 

Let me first preface my comments by briefly explaining how misunderstandings as well as downright lies can get so twisted when people AND reporters don’t know what they are talking about. That last sentence sounds an awful lot like the leading sentence of another Republican brochure. 

I’ll get to Mr. Shortsighted and shorthighted Halko in a moment. (I can be that nasty because I’m not much taller then he is). But first it must be addressed that two recent Community News articles, Four seek two seats on the Saddle Brook Township Council and Chamberlain and White will face off for mayor's seat in Saddle Brook BY KATHERINE MILSOP, STAFF WRITER | COMMUNITY NEWS has more then a few mistakes within it that she has since apologized for. If you take the time to investigate you’ll find that the online counterparts to the written articles are different with the online version being the ‘corrected’ version. Ms. Milsop is a distinguished reporter who covers township happenings very professionally. But as usually is the case, when someone speaks (or writes) while not having the benefit of history and therefore clarity, it becomes almost inevitable they will misspeak. 

In the second mentioned newspaper article Milsop misunderstood White’s reference in his comment when she wrote: “White would also like to re-establish and develop an operating policy for SBCTV”. In the written article but corrected in the online article, she mentions my name but innocently and incorrectly associates this Blog with SBCTV.  White only mentioned my name as the original creator of Saddle Brook Community Television with no other implied comment as to his SBCTV policies.  Milsop made the unfortunate misstep of lumping together her limited knowledge of past history and personally included erroneous information based on her assumptions. As far as Halko is concerned he definitely didn’t misspeak, he manipulated fact to fit his own political narrative. 

Image, in a newspaper article meant to inform the public of your outstanding abilities to govern, it becomes more important to you to place blame on another rather then boost of your own capabilities to rise above the fray. I hate to give him a lesson in politics but it would have behooved him to take advantage of this opportunity to say he rose above adversity and got the TV station up and running. I can’t blame his mistakes on naivety since he has been in office for seven years I believe. I can only blame it on two things: 1. Stupidity and 2. A deep desire to misrepresent the real facts surrounding his ONE volunteer’s departure to cover HIS incompetence running the TV station. 

I refuse to explain any further the facts surrounding this incident. It has been covered here numerous times in great and exhausting detail. A place to start would be HERE. Mr. Halko, while you may be short in stature, which is no fault of your own, you are however a little man.  And since I am already short you are of no consequence to me. I think it time you put your little BIG pants on and admit to the fact your deeply departed volunteer was a whack job (my humble opinion) and if this blog had anything to do with him leaving then he didn’t have all that much character in the first place.


Down To The Wire

Seven days to go till the big day. Brochures filling your mailbox with quick one-liners and sometimes-distorted pictures making candidates look worse then they actually are. Sometimes the distorted ones DO look better then the real person however. Liking those red pants and scarf do ya? But I digress. 

Saddle Brooks 6 candidates have been pretty cordial to each other up till now. The Republicans kind of broke that silence with their last brochure but it wasn’t all that harsh and frankly it was expected I would assume. But now with only seven days to go I’m wondering just how down and dirty it will get considering they don’t have much time left to bash each other one last time. 

I have to admit I do get a kick out of how some of these brochures are worded. Purposely worded in a way to disparage their opponent, using unnecessary words to have a somewhat subliminal effect, without just coming out any saying it. Disrespectful is a word I might use but I’d have to be wrong since Mr. Cimiluca said it is only me that is disrespectful. 

The republican’s latest brochure: “When you run for office it helps to know what you are talking about” Now there is a respectful introduction in a brochure. Insulting, condescending, and demeaning for sure; and totally unnecessary if all you wanted to convey was that their opposition doesn’t have a good platform. Then this brochure goes on to say the democratic team is “deceptive” and “inexperienced”. Here is where I see overkill and a perceived need to overstate out of a fear of feeling inadequate. The inexperience of the democratic ticket, in a sense, is a no-brainer. Since they haven’t been elected yet suffice it to say they haven’t had the experience as of yet. But that is ALL it conveys. Was the present mayor and council all dumbos until they became a mayor or councilman / woman? If you feel a need to say that people should elect you because you have experience being in elected office then just say that. It certainly doesn’t mean people not presently holding offices are any less intelligent then they are. As far as being “deceptive”, this brochure doesn’t give one example of deception. You are just supposed to take their word for that. 

To their “Propaganda” points:

Borrowing from the Obama talking points of ‘blaming Bush’, it was all the fault of the PAST administration. And what we all know is coming down the pike: increased taxes, because it goes without saying that costs of services will increase while the Township has admitted to staying status quo this year. If you don’t get a raise in salary every few years see how long before you can maintain the same quality of living. Zero tax increase is very nice to hear, just not what is justifiably  practical in this day and age. 

Flooding: So we don’t have a flooding problem anymore I take it. This administration has met with everyone under the sun and corrected all the issues. Then why is it that Mayor Chamberlain herself raised the white flag at more then one council meetings and said ‘I give up. I have tried my best’? No room for improvement? Either the flooding problems are fix, can’t be fixed, or we need someone else to give it a shot. Which is it? 

Turf Field: “The White Team has failed to give their support”. Oh really? Did I miss something when White spoke at two council meetings? Where on the democrats website does it say they do not what to support the children, because that is what this brochure implies. There is more then one way to skin a cat and I believe that is ALL the democrats were trying to say (Obviously). Getting the $400,000 grant didn’t take a brain surgeon. You want to pat yourself on the back be my guest I guess. To get the $400,000 the township HAD to pay out-of-pocket an additional $400,000 and then bond an additional 1.3 million dollars to finance this turf field. Zero tax increase huh?  You wait. 

Senior Support: “They don’t say how they will support senior programs”. Yeah they do! But I gather the republicans want you to have to research that answer yourself. Its just sounds better to say they didn’t. Then this brochure has the nerve to boast that they are (still) in the process of attempting to construct low-income senior housing on Caldwell Street. A fiasco from its beginnings and one that does NOT guarantee housing for a substantial number of Saddle Brook residents. Being overseen by the Bergen County Housing Authority negates any real control by the Township of who winds up living there. For some reason that was left out of this brochure. An oversight I’m sure. 

I’m curious to see if/when the democrats mail out a similar brochure that could be titled: When you hold office it helps to know what you are doing.


Promise Fulfilled 

Copyright (C) 2014, Cliffview PilotMayor Chamberlame promises to save you money but Council Candidate Todd Accomando has already saved you a BUCK! 

Read article here


Misguided Patronage

I have no problem listening to people arguing their side of an issue as long as it is backed up with true facts, common sense, and/or intelligent reasoning. But more then not, what I hear and read from Republican pundits is almost always based on their personal uninformed twisting of facts which is usually rooted deep within their personal dislike, or even hatred, having no basis in fact, of a Democratic candidate.  

I’m not writing here to defend anyone. Except for one councilman in particular, they all have their Big Pants On and can defend themselves. But what irks me to no end is these pundits belief that they have figured out the Holy Grail of reasons why you should agree. 

Case in point: “What type of person would bring politics into the pd and then run for office while still a police officer in town?” Now there’s a non-argument that is utterly ridicules. Number one, where’s the politics brought into the police department? Running for office doesn’t bring politics in the P.D. anymore then the P.D. is already influenced by politics and the reason why most States allow an officer to run for political office as long as they take a leave of absence. A leave of absence means that legally White is no longer a police officer having exactly ZERO police powers or influence. They fail to remember (on purpose) that Mayor Chamberlain had to grant permission to White to allow him to take a leave of absence. White has the constitutional right to run for office and the mayor did not stand in his way. 

“People throughout the County that follow local elections are commenting on how terrible it is for a Deputy Chief to run in the SAME TOWN THAT EMPLOYS him before he officially retired.” I wonder if this person took a scientific poll to garner this result before making a comment like this. He/she should follow the lead of Councilman Halko who Googles before coming up with an opinion. As explained in the previous paragraph this process is much more common that most people realize within the State of New Jersey, let alone the rest of the Country. 

His (White) audacity to run before he officially retired is disgraceful.” Obviously this ‘concern’ has become a talking point for the republican pundits. Common sense would tell anyone of sound mind that it would not behoove you or your family to count your chickens before they hatch and quite your job willy-nilly, basing your future on an election, especially when the law provides a safer avenue. 

If elected, White would be mayor at the time of his payout. The public is unaware of how overly political Chiefs walk away at retirement with more than they are entitled to. They walk away with as much the mayor and council approve even its is not contractual. The public is going to have buyer's remorse as they see White and Kugler cash in. 

Above is an uneducated statement bordering on the moronic that unfortunately some may not think twice about and therefore believe. White could NOT decide what he gets monetarily upon retirement. Just as Kugler Sr. often had to do when voting on police matters or Conte when hiring his son, they must abstain from voting or involvement. The council would not allow his intervention and ultimately under the ‘Faulkner Act’, only the council can approve an expense and cut a check. White’s pension and retirement benefits have already been decided regardless of who is mayor. Plus it would be absurd to think if White were elected mayor the council would be inclined to give him a (republican talking point) Golden Parachute 

My words and no one else’s: White must have felt the prevailing winds showed him this was his time to run. Whether he retired today or 5 years from now his pension would follow him for his lifetime along with his generous salary while employed. I would venture to say that running for office is essentially no different than becoming a police officer; a desire to serve your community and contribute to making it the best it can be.