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Prelude . . .

Remember all the accusations made against the Chamberlame administration? Remember how deleterious it was for all involved and the township residents at large, that Chamberlame and Chief Robert Kugler hated each other’s guts? Every time they locked horns it was accepted as just another chapter in the Mc Coy / Hatfield feud. This ongoing saga was neither healthy for governing nor for the people they govern.  

Two major personalities having the responsibility they had, to constantly be at each other’s throat, was a problem that needed to go away ASAP.

Then, lo and behold, on January 1, 2015, the prayers of many were answered. Chamberlame was sent packing with her broom, tail between her legs, while Bob White, super good friends with Kugler, would now be the mayor. Problem solved right?

Well what is good for the goose (mayor/chief), is apparently not so good for the gander (everyone else).

Do you think it was cut-throat and manipulating then but now everything is wonderful and copasetic? Drinking the white cool-aid are ya? Quite to the contrary, there is more cut-throat manipulation and backstabbing now than before. The only difference now is that this administration is much better at keeping things behind closed doors.

Having a mayor and a police chief constantly at odds as was the case before, and now having a mayor and a police chief upping each other’s egos, is essentially no different and just as detrimental. Detrimental to who you ask? Well certainly not to these two men. Only detrimental to those operatives not willing to play their political games.

As I had said in my previous post {paraphrased}: “Two recent examples come to mind (for a Social Media Policy) where its need is well overdue. One example involves the mayor and the second a member of the Board of Education. Both entities seem to step in it with equal vigor. Maybe the mayor’s office will enact another Executive Order. Not unlike his Anti-Nepotism Order with both having no check and balance, because in both instances only the mayor would have the authority to sanction an employee under the command of his mentor and right-hand man, Chief Kugler.”

What does anything I have said so far have anything to do with the Siamese twin relationship between the mayor/chief, the Police Department, Social media, Board of Education, and one of its trustees?

                                                                                                                                 Stay tuned! 


The White administration has taken some forward leaning steps in its first year and half hoping to bring Saddle Brook into the 21st Century. While some enhanced the Townships offering, others were not given the due diligence apparently necessary.

The townships new website as an example, marked a leap forward by offering substantially more useful information, simultaneously enhancing the township web presence and thereby the townships overall public reputation. But unfortunately, with words from its own ranks, cooperation among township departments was and is sorely lacking thereby reducing the sites overall information, hence its usefulness. Leadership at the top or lack thereof, could not and did not anticipate the amount of work involved, nor provide the guidance necessary to see it through to its full potential. The webmaster can only provide what is supplied to him. It is up to the mayor’s office to see to it his needs are provided for.

The township T.V. station is not what it used to be or anyway near what it could be. Brought back to life by the mayor’s office foreseeing a need to keep the community involved while hiring an outside vendor in an attempt to cut costs and not use township residents who have a personal stake and pride in its productions, has left the township essentially without a TV station of its own. Production quality has drastically declined after the company’s initial freebie months and winning a contract.

Though some credit must be given to Mayor White for making the attempt, falling short of anything more than mediocre, lies squarely and solely on his shoulders. Good enough for government work doesn’t cut it when the residents are paying good money for these services. Yes you will find some information that you need on the website, and yes you can still watch pizza parties, council meetings, and parades on TV (usually with the option of seeing and not hearing or vice versa), but there will always be something missing. Pride, the need to be the best you can be, is what stands out the most.

What the mayor’s office has not provided in its effort to become part of the 21st century, and in my opinion desperately needed, is something I have only heard mentioned by one councilperson. Namely a well written and comprehensive Social Media Policy. To the best of my knowledge only Councilwoman Karen D’Arminio has seen the need, both morally and legally, to champion this cause.

Two recent examples come to mind where its need is well overdue. And wouldn’t you know it but as I said in a previous post not too many days ago, one example involves the mayor and the second a member of the Board of Education. Both entities seem to step in it with equal vigor.

Maybe the mayor’s office will enact another Executive Order, again giving no teeth to potentially serious problems, not unlike his Anti-Nepotism Order. Having no teeth because in both instances only the mayor would have the authority to sanction an employee under the command of his mentor and right-hand man, Chief Kugler.

                                                                                                                                To be continued


Finally, someone at North Jersey Newspapers, has seen the futility in running an internet based forum which allows posters to post comments anonymously. As of this Thursday, June 24th, will no longer be a viable place to post hurtful, sometimes vial, comments about Saddle Brook politicians, BOE Board members, or even fellow residents.

Though the newspaper’s original intention I’m sure, was to provide a place for residents to discuss with other residents important issues within their communities in which they felt very strongly about, allowing them to do so anonymously ultimately served no useful purpose other than allowing many to be hurtful with impunity.

Knowing who said what is key to understanding and/or believing what was said. Here, in this blog, you know who said it. Having that knowledge will add weight to whether you agree or disagree.

Especially with this election season starting to ramp up to a feverish pitch in the next few months, I believe it excellent timing these forums will be one less place for sometimes purposeful, hateful, and more than not, hurtful comments.

I am not immune to making some mistakes on this soon to be extinct forum. Writing in haste and then being unable to take back my words, has left me very regretful in the past. Though, in my defense I believed most posters on knew my pseudonym, it was a mistake to do what I accused others of not doing; putting their name to where their mouth was.

So we now say goodbye to this new age medium that has not served anyone or any purpose, very well. It’s a good thing and something only the most hateful will miss.

You should always feel you have the right to say what you believe, say it with gusto, and say it loud. But you must equally have the guts, the fortitude, and character, to not hide who you are. Not having those qualities means you then have no right to say anything at all! 


Six To one, Half Dozen To The Other

It is definitely arguable who is more screwed up, the Mayor & Council or the Board of Education. Both seem to periodically lose sight of what they were put there for in favor of making political points or screwing one or more of their comrades so they look better to the public. Plus from everything I have heard from the people involved, sometimes they screw one another for no other reason than spite; put them in their place, show them who’s the boss!

The BOE has now fired and is therefore without another Superintendent. Make no mistake, he was fired, he didn’t quit. The justification for their dismissal of the interim superintendent is what has caused a stir amongst parents and some school officials.

From the few examples I heard regarding what the board felt were improper and considered acts of malfeasance and/or nonfeasance by the superintendent, were well justified. But of course there are always two sides to the story. Depending on which side you heard and who you heard it from, could and usually does, make all the difference.

Improper action of administering HIB Laws and procedures (Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying) would be a major consideration of the BOE. There is strong evidence that the interim super was in violation.

In another incident a teacher videotaped a student without parental consent. Not only did this teacher violate policy but had the audacity, stupidity, and lack of character, to upload this video on to YouTube. How stupid can a teacher be to think this was ok? Then, when brought to the attention of the superintendent, no official or unofficial action for that matter, was taken against this teacher. My understanding is that this video in still on YouTube but set as “private” so only friends of this teacher can now view it. WTF??

Then, the icing on the cake, is that after a complaint of violation of the HIB laws was made at the Saddle Brook Police Department by the parent, a S.B. detective who has to have private and personal knowledge of the incident, decides to blatantly give his opinion of the superintendent’s character on Facebook! Being involved in the investigation, being a police officer, and by shear knowledge that he should remain impartial, with his personal opinions removed from public inspection so as to appear unbiased, should never have voiced ANY opinion regardless of how he may feel personally.

The S.B. Board of Education is just as, if not more, guilty of infighting as the Mayor and Council. It has been said in many circles within town that Mayor White has never been able to remove himself or his influence from the board after he left it. The backroom maneuvering of who will run for council in the future, the intimidation to tow the mayor’s line or pay the consequences, has all led to backstabbing from many of the trustees, including the president.

Now the BOE must find another superintendent. The school system has been without a super longer than it has had one. Maybe the board will form a permanent committee to continually search for new ones and never be caught with their pants down again.

So many more interesting things happen behind closed doors then at either of their meetings. No cameras behind closed doors of course. Shame, then you’d know how screwed you really are.   

Was the firing of the superintendent justified? Depends on who you talk too!  


By the way, have you heard anything yet from the board, the mayor, or the Chief of Police regarding the Franklin School “gun” incident on October 6, 2015? What new policies and procedures to protect your children and notify parents have been set forth in the past 9 months? 


The Days of Wine and Roses

are over!! I have bitten my tongue long enough. Observing the goings-on of late has caused my dose of sobriety and my mouth to fill with blood. Its time to spit it out.

Not that there is anything really new with what has been happening. It is just that the powers that be within both the mayor and council and the board of education are becoming either more inept at hiding their ineptitude, or they just think everyone else is too stupid to see it themselves.

The way I see things, and admittedly I often see things differently, both the mayor and council and the board of education are not made up of two political bodies having opposing views and ideologies, but rather fifteen (15) individual people whose first concern is themselves and their political aspirations. One minute they all are kumbaya and the next moment eating each other’s young. Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours verses a knife in your back if it saves my ass.

The June 2nd council meeting showed the perfect example of lack of loyalty when Mayor White chose to jump all over Omar Rodriguez’s ass and continually, while he tried his best not too, belligerently question Omar’s ‘credentials on a particular subject.

I’m not saying for one moment that Mr. Rodriguez didn’t deserve the question. What I am saying is that Mayor White has unequivocally backed Rodriquez’s present run for office never hiding the fact that White feels obligated to Rodriguez for his major help in getting him elected. There is no argument in my previous statement as White has by both word and deed, made it abundantly clear once he was elected.

Another reason I question this circus is because I often wonder after viewing a council meeting, how much of the banter from both Rodriquez and Larry Ratajczak, is staged by the mayor and the four democratic council people. After all, they are all democrats and meet once a month for their democratic club meetings. Why have these arguments and trading of insults in public and on TV when they could all discuss any of their issues privately? Do they all want to look like their heads are up their ass? Do they collectively decide whose turn it is to be king or queen for a day? Was this past Thursday the mayor’s turn? Or, is there another reason for their madness? Could it be more likely that the mayor and each and every council person (D), is on their own watching out for their own rear-ends and to hell with everyone else, party affiliation being non-existent.  

We already know that the Democratic Party is a fractured party. The three that will be running for council don’t get along at all with two of the three absolutely hating the third. Their democratic club president, Ratajczak, publicly knocks his own party members every time he speaks with only an occasional swipe at his rival parties’ member, Councilman Cimiluca, which you would expect though not necessarily agree with. Of course the democrats will all appear to be one happy family every first Tuesday and Thursday of each month while they either connive behind closed doors or stab each other in the back.

Mr. Cimiluca would do well to just sit back and allow the rest of the council, and mayor, to continue to appear bumbling, incompetent, and incapable, of getting their collective act together while seeing who can make a bigger ass of whom.

Same is the case with the Saddle Brook Board Of Education. The other entity in town where you pay the most taxes yet get screwed with your pants on. Do they take care of the High School or are they all still IN high school?  Yet another Superintendent is out the door.                                             

                                                                                                                                 Next in part 2


Been There, Said That

I haven’t written anything lately mostly because I have already written it. Why should I bother to say what has already been said of these candidates countless times before. All you have to do is type HALKO or RODRIGEUZ into the blog search box and you’ll find five years’ worth of stupidity, unprofessionalism, and childish behavior, with both men having a narcissistic personality disorder relationship with their counterparts and the public.

There is not too much more that can be said. You love’em or you hate’em. About the only thing that is at all interesting about this coming election is what it says about the two political parties, how weak they really are, and how that may affect the township.

The mayor didn’t get his first pick the node with his Democratic Party because he was not worthy of consideration in spite of the head of the party, the mayor, insisting on him. But it wasn’t a total loss since the mayor’s right-hand man, Omar Rodriguez, was considering himself the next viable candidate. Being the County Committee Chairman, Rodriguez was able to nominate and vote himself a candidate.

This of course was not taken lightly with the rest of the party. Incumbent candidates Council President Joseph Camilleri and Councilwoman Florence Mazzer, I’m sure, will decide to play Mission Impossible politics and disavow any knowledge of Rodriguez’s actions. So much so that you very well may notice that Rodriguez’s lawn signs will just have his name on them and Camilleri and Mazzer’s lawn signs will be absent of the name Rodriguez. A fractured party. A red flag from the get-go!

On the other side of the fulcrum is a has-been and a never-be. Just as weak as the Democratic party, the Republican party is equally powerless to find new blood, or more to the point, intelligence, to strengthen their party. The only helpful sign I see from putting Mr. Anthony Halko on their ticket, is that he does have experience. And to somehow balance the council, you do need another republican on the council besides Mr. Cimiluca. As Halko has proved many times in the past, he is adequate to follow Cimiluca’s lead. And if nothing else, his experience is helpful in recognizing the same mistake every time he makes it!

And lastly the republicans offer up Mr. Phil Sergio. WHO? A nice man people say but just a placeholder for a seat they couldn’t otherwise fill.

This is not going to be a particularly interesting election season. Mr. Halko and Mr. Rodriguez will remind you of all the good things they did for you before the last time they were voted out of office. Mr. Camilleri and Ms. Mazzer will remind you of all the good things they did for you while still in office. Mr. Phil Sergio is a nice guy.

If you find yourself with the strange feeling of Déjà vu don’t worry, you're not alone. 


Same Old S . . . Pt 2

On the Republican side, I would think most would agree that a Check and Balance is needed on the Township Council, which is not the case presently. The present council is made up of four Democrats and one Republican essentially ensuring a bias to the governess of the community by one political party. The council should be a check and balance to the office of the mayor thereby allowing no small majority to have an excess of power.

The term “Check and Balance” is usually applied when speaking of the Federal Government:  “A system of constitutional government which guards against absolute power by providing for separate executive, judicial, and legislative bodies who share powers and thereby check and balance one another”.

Though no different than the administration before it, Saddle Brook’s configuration does not lend itself to an assured fair nor balanced government. For this reason I believe the Republican Party MUST present to the township viable and strong candidate opponents.

It is my opinion that Councilman Andrew Cimiluca has proven himself to be one of those candidates. Though I have written much about him and disagreed, sometimes vehemently with his thinking, I also believe he has proven that while being the lone republican, he has shown the strength of his convictions with clear and concise explanations. You know where you stand with Mr. Cimiluca whether you agree or not. You don’t often get that kind of clarity from the other members of the council.

However, being the lone Republican, he alone doesn’t have the backing to be the check and balance needed. One more Republican would help change that and two others would tip the scale of power, essentially the check and balance of the mayor’s powers which is sorely needed.

To borrow a line from part #1 of this post, “the Democrats are not the only ones shoveling $hit against the tide. In part #2 you’ll read about the Republicans shovel.” To be fair I’d have to say that what I hear is, for now, only rumor and speculation. But one of the main names being bandied about as a potential running mate of Cimiluca’s is none other than Anthony Halko!  GIVE ME A FREAKIN BREAK!!!

The republicans have lost their minds and the Democrats have lost their balls. The township just had Mr. Halko in office for 6 years I believe, and then tossed him out on his ass the first chance they got. What is he going to do differently now than the first 6 years when he didn’t do spit then?  On certain issues during the past administration while Mr. Halko was Council President, they benched him leaving Mr. Cimiluca to do the hard work knowing full well Halko couldn’t handle it. Now all of a sudden he is a viable candidate?

A sad state of affairs for Saddle Brook if neither party can find smart, intelligent, and honest newcomers to step up, take the reins, and do what the previously proven horses asses couldn’t.

Leave the recycling to the township’s recycling department. The regurgitation is going to kill you!