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Rumor has it that a certain person working at Megapath Corporation, corner of Broadway & Chambers Street, NYC, is one of the 'main players' of the republican misinformation campaign. Know the person? 


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Family Feud 

Isn’t it going to be just peachy keen when come January 1st 2015 THIS kind of notoriety will be long gone from local newspapers?  

I know, I know, it isn’t over till the fat lady sings and our fat lady of the day still has enough time to belt out an entire opera so it would not be wise to count our chickens before they hatch. But unlike the Phantom of the Opera there will be no love loss here come January. 

There may very well be other feuds between the new mayor and council but none will be as contentious, long lasting, or downright damaging. Horary!  Long live the Queen (in Florida

Read The Record article here


Special Council Meeting

True to the way this administration has done most things for the past four years, they stick to their tried and true method of not letting you know about what is happening until the very last minute once again. 

I am referring to their Special Council meeting on November 24th, 7 pm at Townhall. This special meeting was mentioned at their regular October council meeting however since Mr. Halko decided to not tape this meeting, most residents are probably not aware or it. And of course as of this posting, Friday, November 21, 2014 there is still no mention of it on the townships official website other then a blurb within their calendar mentioning a meeting but with no further details. It is in the Townships official newspaper that I’m sure you check daily. Boy do I hope this kind of lack of attention to their residents changes come January 1st!  We’ll see. 

Anyway, to the best of my knowledge this meeting is meant to cover existing issues with Veterans Field among other things.  Frankly since the ordinance has already been passed I’m not quite sure why they have a need to dig it all up again but I guess we will find out soon enough. 

They intend to discuss a nepotism ordinance. Guess they liked that idea when Mayor Elect Bob White suggested it. And since Conte can’t get his son anymore raises, what the hell!!  

I also wonder if we will all be presented with a few surprises. Total conjecture on my part with absolutely no ‘inside’ information, I wouldn’t put it past them to announce a promotion or two, maybe within the D.P.W. or a opening for Sergeant in the P.D. After all politically this would be the time for Chamberlame and the outgoing council to ‘take care’ of their donors and supporters. But again I have no information that would support my allegations.  And of course they still have December to play with. 

Suffice it to say this meeting like the past two will not be televised.  So if you’d like to see and learn for yourself you’d have no choice but to actually attend the meeting. I’m sure they will post the agenda sometime Monday when few will get to see it. 

39 more days. 


Crystal Ball or Eight Ball

The ole truthteller sees it crystal clear. Crystal Balls!! We'll see!


Understandable But Not Acceptable

Lets see, with only 44 days remaining in the Chamberlame administration, are we now to assume there will be more gotcha, take that, up yours, to say nothing of just plain contentious moves, hiring, and general muck-it-up antics? Ordinarily I would lean towards saying no but apparently we’re not dealing with the ‘ordinary’ here. The mayor decides to hire a dispatcher who has not submitted an application or been vetted. Protocol, and I would assume the law, dictates any applicant for that position would have to have his/her background investigated. Chamberlame knows that. Yet she for reasons only known to her decides to circumvent the law anyway. This seems to open the floodgates for litigation if you ask me. So why put the Township in this position when she is losing hers? I truly can’t come up with a viable answer to that. I guess that answer is obvious to some but when you try to give a person the benefit of the doubt you need some kind of feasible retort but I just can’t find any. Guessing someone’s motives without any substantiated facts is just a guess. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it’s a duck is but one-way to resolve this perplexing move. You just can’t help but wonder what moves are around the corner. 

And then we have the apparent shutdown of the TV station. Nothing official of course but still apparent since Councilman Halko is no longer uploading meetings to YouTube or bothering to record the November meeting leaving little belief that Decembers or the Reorganization meetings will be covered either. Did he forgo his stipend for the last two months since the TV was the reason he was taking it? 

As I have said before, we can all understand the disappointment felt by Chamberlame, Halko, and Conte. After all they did their best for years and apparently their best was not good enough. Or maybe, just maybe, as with most politicians, they usually don’t have a particularly long shelf life. They gave their best to this community doing what they believed to be the right thing for all. While you can argue its merits you really can’t argue that they didn’t do what they believed. If they in fact did that for the past 46 months then why not also do it for the two remaining months. I would think it harder to go out with your tail between your legs then holding your head up high being proud of your accomplishments. 

44 days to go that’s all. 44 days left to show you always held the best interests of Saddle Brook close to your heart. Rise above the disappointment in your gut and show everyone they made the right choice when they voted for and elected you in the first place.  

The residents deserved and expected no less from all of you for 48 months, not 46.


Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

Can’t be just rabies that makes a person foam at the mouth. Sheer ego and lack of class will do it also. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, just in time for Christmas Chamberlame delivered a present to the Police Chief and Mayor Elect with a card that must have read: ‘Take this you bastards!” 

Mayor Chamberlame who is in Florida (surprise), sent an email to the chief via her secretary (must have had a few grains of sand as an attachment) that stated: “Please be advised that as of Wednesday, November 19, 2014, I will be hiring Mr. Gregory Korczak…as a Dispatcher to the Police Department. Mr. Korczak is a Recreation Coach and a Special Police Officer. If there are any other requirements the Mr. Korczak needs to meet please advise.” Surprise, surprise!  

Ray Hayducka, past president and now spokesperson for the State Police Chiefs Association stated, “Suddenly appointing a police dispatcher without advice and consent of the chief is “unprofessional and not in the best interests of the police department and community as a whole.” Director of Public Safety Louis V. D’Arminio emphasized that the new mayor Deputy Police Chief Robert White, “should be included in any hiring process that now takes place”. Read the full Cliffview Pilot article here. 

I could say something like ‘I wonder how much THAT family donated to the mayor’s campaign’ but that wouldn’t be fair considering I don’t know this Mr. Korczak at all and sincerely don’t want to throw him under the bus just because Chamberlame is being a vindictive ^%$#@! The last thing he needs on his resume is a Chamberlame association. For years now this OUTGOING mayor (and I don’t mean personality-wise) has done her best to make the chief’s professional life exhausting and now, in the eleventh hour, can’t seem to muster the class or integrity to fade into the sunset with dignity.  For Mayor Chamberlame, throwing this monkey wrench had icing on the cake by also annoying her victorious nemesis Robert White. The fact that Mayor Elect White put her administration on notice of no lame duck moves during the last days of their administration apparently was thumb-nosed with a ‘screw you’ attitude. Exactly the kind of attitude Chamberlame profusely refused to accept when she received it from others and would not tolerate. 

If, during this mayor/council campaign, you thought there was too much made of the Chamberlain / Kugler feuds and the vindictiveness shown to the Saddle Brook Police Department, think again. This ‘spit in your face at all costs’ attitude is why you had to suffer through over three years worth of less than adequate police coverage, unnecessary police promotions, and no Chief’s Chat, just to name a few. 

Chamberlame really can’t talk of township priorities when it is so blatantly obvious SHE comes first. She just lost a damn election that’s all. Makes you wonder if she was in it for the right reasons in the first place. 

Note: To date Chamberlame has not had the decency to call, congratulate and/or acknowledge the Mayor elect on winning the election. That's bad taste and shows her character and reveals her dysfunctional relationship she has always had with Deputy Chief White and Chief Kugler.  It's totally disappointing, it's unprofessional and not in the best interests of the police department and community as a whole!


Unscientific Survey

For my OWN curiosity I created a short survey to get a ‘feel’ for what you believe to be the most important issues the new administration should tackle upon taking office. All submissions are anonymous and only answers are collected. This is not by any means a scientific survey obviously. But I will post the results after a short period of time so you may see how your fellow neighbors feel. Additionally I will submit all results to the Mayor Elect offering whatever insight it may reveal. 

**This survey is not sanctioned or authorized by the Township of Saddle Brook nor its present or newly elected officials. 




Although on this Veterans Day we honor and remember all of our service men and women who lost their lives in the service of their country there is nothing like looking into the faces of many of our own who have served our community and nation with distinction. Here on Veterans Day I present a short piece of video originally aired on SBC-TV November 11, 2000 during Veterans Day services, a tribute and thank you to some of the people we know, love, and lost.